Persona-solution is great for Identity Management

Persona is a great solution for identity management, in tune with the latest data protection regulations. Spaces in scope is to empower customers and give him control over their personal data and also the means to gain access to their personal data. By using individual Persona, spend a little more time to update the data and their service providers to be able to access the latest version of customer data.




The main goal of Persona is:


  • To make use of the identity management services for individuals based on blockchain technology apabisa offers;
  • Protect individual personal details. Although it is clear that the individual will need to provide the details to various entities, they have no control over it afterwards. Persona put people back into the driver’s seat;
  • Empower each person and to give them the power to what it shares and with whom when dating about identity and of their personal details;
  • Allow third party entrusted with personal details that enrich their services by offering the trust as a service;
  • To prevent fake news, by providing a decentralized identity management system, Persona would provide the level of trust we all need as we rely on news; based on the profile
  • To streamline the onboarding process since someone probably already checked by some entity registered in the system;


Blockchain feature, utilizing persona allows companies to offer the services to any third parties as well as the KYC benefited from the service, respectively. The Verification Process has two levels: Community and Professional KYC people who offer the service of verification will be shown on the website Persona. They will be rewarded for verification services by accepting the PRS. List of documents required for KYC provides are:


  • ID or passport or Government issued documents (original documents)
  • Copy of your ID or picture 2
  • Bank statement or invoice that proves your residence

Data safety and security

Given the fact that there is a two-component product, layered on top of each. Another, the Persona is safe to use. When signing up with a provider, the physical presence of the individual is a prerequisite for sharing their data with the company.
Persona consists of three segments:
  • Blockchain holding transaction data and IPFS for storage
  • Web applications and dashboard for individual use
  • Mobile apps that help data management

Mobile application security is based on:

  • PIN-based login
  • Optional fingerprint scanning
  • he ​PRS ​token ​is ​a ​utility ​token,​that ​is ​used ​by ​the ​platform ​in ​order ​to ​issue verifications.​For ​each ​verification ​PRS ​tokens ​are ​used.The ​tokens ​circulate ​in ​the environment ​and,​if ​needed ​more ​will ​be ​created ​as ​the ​platform ​becomes ​more mature.
    The ICO begins on 16 Jan and ends on 16 Feb 2018
    The ​seeded ​number ​of ​tokens ​will ​be ​100,000,000 ​PRS.
    The ​price ​for ​one ​PRS ​token is ​$0.2. ​
    The ​total ​allocation ​for ​the ​100,000,000 ​PRS
    – 70,000,000 ​PRS ​allocated ​for ​the ​TGE
    – 15,000,000 ​PRS ​allocated ​for ​the ​team ​composed ​of ​the ​co-founders.The tokens ​allocated ​to ​the ​team ​will ​be ​vested ​over ​a ​three-year ​period,​split ​into yearly payments ​as ​following:
    – 10% ​at ​genesis
    – 30% ​after ​12 ​months
    – 30% ​after ​24 ​months
    – 30% ​after ​36 ​months
    – 12,000,000 ​PRS ​allocated ​for ​the ​Persona ​Startup ​Fund
    – 1,000,000 ​PRS ​allocated ​for ​the ​advisors. ​The ​tokens ​allocated ​for ​the ​advisors will ​be ​vested ​over ​a ​period ​of ​6 ​months
    – 2,000,000 ​PRS ​allocated ​to ​the ​bounty.
    There ​are ​70,000,000 ​PRS ​allocated ​to ​the ​TGE, ​split ​into ​one ​Private ​Sale ​and ​a three-phase ​Public ​Sale, ​as ​illustrated ​in ​below :

    Foto Bambang Widarto.

    The ​estimated ​income ​based ​on ​the ​Token ​Generation ​Event ​is ​between ​$9.3M ​and $14M ​(cryptocurrency ​equivalent).The ​raised ​funds ​will ​be ​used ​for ​a ​period ​of ​at least ​three ​years,​spread ​into ​the ​following ​categories:
    – Software ​development ​(Blockchain ​Development ​​IPFS ​Implementation,SmartBridge ​Development,​Mobile ​and ​Web ​development ​and Maintenance)
    – Legal ​fees ​(GDPR ​compliance ​analysis, ​Company ​Certificates, ​legal ​support,etc)
    – Business ​development ​(take ​part ​in ​top ​blockchain ​and ​fintech ​events ​around the ​world,​establish ​business ​relations ​with ​companies ​that ​are ​interested ​in implementing ​Persona).
    – Audit ​of ​the ​procedures ​and ​setting-up ​a ​legalized ​notary ​system.The ​split ​of ​the ​income ​for ​the ​first ​3 ​years ​is ​estimated ​as ​following:


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