Persona is a blockchain-based identity management solution that allows individuals to easily update the data that they share with a variety of third parties as well as relieve efforts of corporate clients in order to keep their data up to date.

Persona technologies ARCH blockchain and state-of-the-art technology to offer other identity solution that is secure and complete. This product is in accordance with the requirements of GDPR and provides the means to secure stored, distributed, and process the data.

The persona was designed as a decentralized application with no single point of failure, storing encrypted records all individual has control over the granularity of the details they want to share, with whom they share it and for how long. With the release of the Bitcoin in late 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto offers a glimpse of the technology underlying the decentralized network, blockchain.

The main goal of Persona is:

  1. To make use of the identity management services for individuals based on what blockchain technology can offer.
  2. To protect an individual’s personal details. Although it was clear that individuals need to provide details to various entities, their have no control over it afterwards. Persona put people back into the driver’s seat.
  3. Empower each person and to give them the power to what it shares and with whomwhen it comes about the identities and their personal details.
  4. Allow third party entrusted with personal details that enrich their services by offering confidence as the service.
  5. To prevent fake news, by giving decentralized identity management system, Persona would provide the level of trust we all need as we rely on news based on the profile of public Persona from the makers of any content, we can keep track of news to source.
  6. To streamline the onboarding process since someone probably already checked by some entity registered in the system

Main points of technology offered by blockchain:

  • Replace the middlemen: no longer need to side with the mandate, and trusted by both parties involved in the transaction.
  • Decentralization: there is no single point of failure, when the attacking the network is nearly impossible.
  • Immortality: the notes are written in blockchain there forever, cannot be changed

The likelihood of the consequences of disobedience against GDPR for enterprises are:

  • Position and notoriety Risk

implementation of the regulatory obligations set forth by GDPR to notify the authorities when a data breach occurs, it will result in increased law enforcement activity. The first to be affected is the company’s market position and reputation, which would be compromised.

  • Geographic risk

the new rules covers all companies and organizations that offer goods and/or services to the EU market or it monitor the behaviour of the citizens of the European Union to offer the goods and/or services. Here also included all the data analysis company

  • The sanctions

a significant Fines of up to 4% of the global annual turnover or €20Million, depending on where the greater will be applied to companies that failed to comply with the new regulations GDPR.

Calendar/Schedule Token sales

  • Private sale: 15.12.2017–15.01.2018
  • General Sales: 23.01.2018–30.01.2018
  • General sales II: 01.02.2018–08.02.2017
  • General sales III: 09.02.2017–16.02.2018
  • The distribution of Tokens: 30.03.2018

Token Persona (PRS)

The number of tokens that PRS 100 million will be seeded. The price for one token is PRS $0.2 total Allocation to PRS 100 million are:

70 million allocated to the PRS TGE. 15 million allocated to the PRS team consisting of the founders. tokens that are assigned to the team will be held over a period of three years, broken down into annual payments as follows:

  • 10% on genesis;
  • 30% after 12 months
  • 30% after 24 months
  • 30% after 36 months
  • PRS 12 million allocated to Fund Startup Persona
  • PRS 1 million allocated to the counselors. The token is allocated to advisors will be hired for a period of 6 months
  • PRS 2 million allocated for the gift

There are 70 million allocated to the PRS TGE, divided into one General sales and personal sales three stages, as illustrated below:







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