Persona — Zero Knowledge Identity Blockchain

What is Persona?

Persona represents the solution for identity management, aligned with the latest data protection regulations. Its scope is to empower the customer and grant him/her the control over their personal data as well as the means to secure access to their private details.

By using Persona, the individual spends less time updating their data and service providers can access the latest version of the customer data.

Technology and Architecture

Blockchain Design

According to the UK Government, the distributed ledger technology is already having a profound impact on how private companies manage data and interact with customers and suppliers. If applied within government it could reduce costs, increase transparency, improve citizens’ financial inclusion and promote innovation and economic growth.

The Persona Blockchain represents a DPoS system with 51 delegates which makes use of the Ark technology (Persona is a fork of ARK, following ARK’s vision of approach). The number of delegates has been set to 51 in order to support the estimated number of nodes and transactions for the first year.

If the number of Pesona users will increase to a value greater than 1,000,000, an update proposal will be published and discussed in the community so the number of delegates can be increased. This approach is taken in order to ensure the necessary scalability for Persona.

Based on the technical description of the ARK blockchain is as follows:

● DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake):

=> 51 active forging Delegates;

=>Delegates selected by vote mechanism built into DPoS;

● 100 Million PRSSeeded Genesis Block;

● Multi-signature accounts;

● The block reward and inflation graph are illustrated below


— Single Identity Management stress-free

Persona harnesses the power of blockchain technology for hassle-free identity management. It’s like a single sign-on for all the websites you are already using. And the source for the future web application you’re not using right now.

— The community is here to support you

Your digital identity is based on cross-verification made by multiple entities. Search for Persona notaries near you and get your identity check up to 90%. The rest of 10% is based on a KYC process performed with a corporate partner (a service provider that you are already enrolled with).

— Your personal details are yours, and yours only

You are the de facto owner of your data. Therefore, in order to have access to a service or device, you need to explicitly agree to share it. The party entrusted with this kind of data is supposed to take all the necessary actions in order to protect it and protect you.

— You are in the center. Let’s build from there.

Persona is about you and your interaction with the outside world. You’ll be able to create your own halo based on your data: medical records, fitness progress or social media accounts. You’ll be able to give access or revoke access to your details as you please since they’re yours.

KYC Persona Type

The principal level is spoken to by the group where the personality is checked by companions of a similar age. This is a joint exertion, in which individuals are urged to approve each other’s personality. They should affirm the genuineness of the archives and the character of the individual applying for audit. Individuals who offer confirmation administrations will be appeared on the Persona site. They will be compensated for confirmation benefits by tolerating PRS. The limit for confirmation is represented underneath

The directions are partitioned into a few levels, in light of the quantity of checks they give. The most extreme rate a man can get with checked by the group is 90%. The staying 10% must be accomplished once a private accomplice (organization, utility supplier or organization) recognizes the legitimacy of the information.

In view of their Persona action and offers, the person who confirms the administration to another person, can go up to 30%. This implies one can just observe 3 individuals who can offer a 30% endorsement rate to accomplish a 90% confirmation rate.

The rundown of records required to give KYC is:

ID or international ID or government provided archive (unique record)

Duplicate or picture your ID

Bank articulation or receipt that demonstrates where you live

The records will then be put away in the IPFS and marked by the two gatherings checkers and checks, each time the individual is checked. KYC experts speak to the procedures experienced by people when they include substances that require the personality confirmation process. This element, once.

Persona Token (PRS)

The number of seeded tokens will be 100,000,000 PRS. The price for one PRS token is $ 0.2 The total allocation for 100,000,000 PRS is:

70,000,000 PRS is allocated to TGE. 15.000.000 PRS is allocated to a team consisting of the founders. tokens allocated to the team will be held for a period of three years, broken into annual payments as follows:

  • 10% in genesis;
  • 30% after 12 months
  • 30% after 24 months
  • 30% after 36 months
  • 12.000.000 PRS allocated for Persona Startup Fund
  • 1,000,000 PRS is allocated to advisors. The tokens allocated to the advisor shall be employed within a period of 6 months
  • 2,000,000 PRS allocated for the gift

There are 70,000,000 PRS allocated to TGE, divided into one General Sales and General Sales three stages, as illustrated below

The list of documents required to provide KYC is:

  • ID or passport or government issued document (original document)
  • Copy or picture your ID
  • Bank statement or invoice that proves where you live
  • The documents will then be stored in the IPFS and signed by both parties checkers and checks, each time the person is checked. KYC professionals represent the processes experienced by individuals when they involve entity verification process. This entity, once.


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