What is PeruCoin?
PeruSoin is a project initiated by Bits2u, which aims to increase knowledge of the Crypto-currency in Peru and will allow:
To provide knowledge of the Crypto-currency of the Peruvian public
Encourage the public to invest in crypto-currencies
Create one of the largest mining farms in Peru
Training based on excursions to the mining farm, how mining machines work
The purpose of PeruCoin
The main goal of PeruCoin in the short term is to complete the first stage of the roadmap, which includes the purchase and purchase of a plant that will later be converted into a mining farm. In addition, PeruSoin is committed to strengthening and promoting the wide circulation of the Crypto-currency among the Peruvians. Through the mining farm PeruSoin also seeks to become a modern platform for crypto-mining, using the potential of blocking technology. PeruCoin also intends to bring large financial returns to its investors, token holders and participating traders, and to supply amazing value propositions for the Peruvian community.
PeruSoin Vision
PeruCoin’s vision is to promote knowledge of the Crypto-currency for the Peruvian population through excursions at the factory where they can assess the technical features and operations of mining machines in action and through conferences. PeruCoin plans to achieve this by educating and raising public awareness about the benefits and safety of blocking technology. Ideally, PeruCoin assumes the development of a new financial ecosystem in Peru, based on the interaction between public education and the interaction of blocking and asset management technology.
Benefits of PeruCoin
Bitcoins will be mined in mining farms and 30% of the collected will be purchased in the market every month.
Rapid crypto-training, thanks to excursions, knowledge will be quickly transferred from the citizen to the citizen.
Relatively low SoftCap, in comparison with other ICO, the minimal foundation of the company allows to realize this project.
How to get started
To start buying PeruCoins and support this project, you just need:
Create an account
Complete your profile
Start buying and selling
General Information of PeruCoin
Name: PRU
Platform: Ethereum
Starting price ICO: 1 PERU = 7 USD
Soft Cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: 13,300,000 USD
Token distribution:
Road map
1st quarter 2018
Launching of ICO
2nd quarter 2018
Accounts sending
2nd quarter 2018
Buying Factories
3rd quarter 2018
Purchase and installation of mining machines
3rd quarter 2018
Purchasing and installation of light meters
3rd quarter 2018
Factory safety implementation
4th quarter 2018
Inauguration of the plant and first excursion
1st quarter 2019
First conference PeruCoin
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