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Everything is constantly changing and not silent. Also, the change can not but affect the financial world. Thus, a new type of currency exchange opens before us – the crypto currency. It has been a long time since birth, but has recently gained tremendous popularity among the masses. But despite such strong information support, the crypto currency is exposed to massive distrust among the main masses of people who see the crypto-investment world and the blockade from the outside. And here at the scene came PeruCoin.


PeruCoin’s main goal

PeruCoin’s main goals are widespread awareness, explanation, and introduction into the daily life of the Peruvian people on innovative payment methods – their own crypto currency. PeruCoin organizes itself to purchase industrial buildings / factories in the near future for further conversion into mining. PeruCoin also aims to promote knowledge about crypto-investment, crypto-security, technology blocking and related industries and information in Peruvian society. They will make a visit to their mining farm for all who want Peruvians and foreigners.


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What is PeruCoin

PeruCoin is a project initiated by Bits2u, which aims to broaden the knowledge of Peru’s crypto investment and wants to achieve the following objectives:


Provide necessary knowledge about Crypto currency in Peruvian society

Encourage people to invest in crypto currency

The creation of one of the largest mining is not only in Peru, but also in the world

To teach and share their experiences in the mining area by visiting

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Pricing strategy

As currencies based on the crypto platform, they strive for full transparency in all transactions by implementing smart contracts from the etherium blockbuster. To maintain the direction and stability of PeruCoin coins, 30% of all tokens produced in their fields will be sent to buy an existing CoinCoin coin.

First of all, the project is focused on meeting the goals set at home. It should be noted that the project is supported at the country level, which is undoubtedly a great plus for the project with that purpose. However, PeruCoin also plans to exit to international prices, and at present, in line with business establishment in Peru, is also looking for partners in neighboring countries and developed countries, where crypto currency is a huge success.


Scenario development

Currently PeruCoin allocates 2 variants of development events from the amount of possible investment to be involved.

Scenario 1: Collecting Softcap

When you reach Softcap, which is $ 5 million, funds will be allocated accordingly:


Factory purchase for further conversion to mining – 1 million 200 thousand dollars (to be implemented within 60 days after Softcap achievement)

Penyediaan listrik – 400 ribu dolar (kontrak dengan layanan energi untuk pemeliharaan

Buy mining equipment in the amount of 1,000 pieces and additional equipment for his work – 2 million 61 thousand 500 dollars

Buy security alarms and secure farmland – from 20 thousand dollars a month

Surcharges (including listing fees) – the rest of the money

Scenario 2: Collecting Hardcap

When you reach Hardcap, which is 13 million 300 thousand dollars, funds will be allocated accordingly:


Buy a large factory with the next conversion into mining – $ 3 million

Provision of electricity – 1 million dollars (contract with energy services for maintenance

Purchase of mining equipment in the amount of 2,000 pieces and additional equipment for his work – 5 million 279 thousand 250 dollars

Buy security alarms and secure farmland – from 40 thousand dollars a month

Surcharges (including listing fees) – the rest of the money

Token distribution

The undoubted plus is that the total token problem is only 1 million to 900 thousand tokens, which will affect its path


The project will allocate 77% token.

8% token allocated to team.

2% token marketing fee.

Tokenov to exchange 13%.


Currently the project company is small and only 4 people. However we see a greater  chance of increase in number in the future


I follow the roadmap in the third quarter of 2018, PeruCoin plans to acquire the factory. This will be followed by acquisition of mining equipment and necessary equipment. In the fourth quarter, it is planned to ensure the safety of mining. In the first quarter of 2019, the project plans to conduct its first excursion into the mine.



PeruCoin Ecosystem provides a safe and decentralized platform for teaching and promoting knowledge of Peru’s crypto-currency. At the same time, they are trying to dispel the distrust and fear of investing in the crypto currency of Peruvian society. They also plan to create special platforms on crypto currency, crypto investment, blocking technology, and so on.


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