PeruSoin is a venture started by Bits2u, which plans to expand information of the Crypto-cash in Peru and will permit:
To give information about the Crypto-money of the Peruvian open
Urge people, in general, to put resources into cryptographic forms of money
Make one of the biggest mining ranches in Peru.Training dependent on trips to the mining ranch, how mining machines work

PeruCoin’s primary goal in the here and now is to finish the main period of our Roadmap which incorporates the acquiring and obtaining of the manufacturing plant which will later be changed over into a mining ranch. Also, we plan to upgrade and encourage the far-reaching selection of cryptographic forms of money among the Peruvians. Through the Mining ranch, we likewise intend to end up the best in class age crypto-mining stage utilizing the possibilities ofBlockchain innovation. We plan to bring extraordinary financial returns for our speculators, PERU token holders, and taking interest dealers while additionally conveying astonishing offers to the Peruvians people group.


PeruCoin’s vision is to advance the learning about digital currencies to the Peruvian populace through guided visits to a production line where they can value the details and activities of the mining machines in real life and through meetings. We intend to accomplish this by educating and expanding the familiarity with the general Peruvian populace on the advantages and security of blockchain innovation and embracing advanced monetary forms. In a perfect world, we imagine driving the improvement of another monetary biological community in Peru grounded in the communications between teaching the masses and cooperations of blockchain technology and resources administration

Presentation of blockchain innovation in PERU has been an extraordinary one by the PERUCOIN TEAM essentially on the grounds that the aides in conveying individuals all the more near the blockchain innovation. PERUCOIN intends to advance and build up the genuine information of cryptographic money and blockchain innovation in PERU. With the end goal to accomplish the AIM and OBJECTIVES, PERUCOIN has gained a mining machine from an outstanding accomplice which will be utilized intentionally to mine of cryptographic money in PERU. PERUCOIN obtaining of the ranch implies the level of earnestness of the group behind the task and its endeavors in accomplishing its AIM and OBJECTIVES.


PERUCOIN is been propelled by BITSU organization which will see to the issues and activities of PERUCOIN venture. PERUCOIN undertaking will guarantee sufficient learning about digital money and its utilization is given to individuals of PERU and similarly urged them to put resources into cryptographic money is as of now the best interest in this cutting-edge world. Interest in BLOCKCHAIN innovation has been a decent one throughout the years in which elites on the planet are moving in into this venture

This is a token that will be utilized in PERUCOIN stage as exchange charges, rewards for mine workers and in like manner as the token that will be utilized for the repurchase designs.


Image: PRU

Token compose: ETH (ERC20)

ICO Price: 1 PRU = 10.00 USD

Min buy: 120 USD

Add up to supply: 2,000,000 PRU

Accessible available to be purchased: 1,444,000 PRU

Delicate top: 5,000,000 USD

Hard top: 10,000,000 USD

ICO End date: 10TH of November 2018




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