With over 5000 crypto-currencies available in the world today, it is a fact that a large percentage of people don’t know about crypto-currencies or the technology it is built on. In the ecosystem there is a mixed perception and hence reception of crypto-currencies. Some governments have banned access to crypto-currencies, while most are still sceptical about it. Some others outrightly show no interest in understanding it, while the others have embraced and even gone as far as working towards developing their own countries crypto-currency. This is why I particularly find the Perucoin an interesting concept.

Bits2U is the company that’s responsible for the creation and maintenance of the perucoin and upcoming projects. The country Peru is the 39th largest economy in the world. It is a $200 billion economy. With only a little percentage of that shifted into cryptocurrency, and an aggressive marketing to influence people to invest plus having an edge as being the first movers, Bits2u foresees their concept heralding to huge positive impact on the perucoin, cryptocurrencies and the republic of Peru.

Bits2u intend to educate Peruvian citizens on the blockchain technology, mining, and crypto currency by creating a mining farm of which the Peruvian public and foreigners have guided access to so they may appreciate the process of mining, while site seeing and learning about cryptocurrency and Perucoin in particular. The Perucoin operates on the Ethereum blockchain and therefore adheres strictly to the security and privacy laws that the blockchain provides.


Mining is a process of validating transactions that have been executed on a blockchain. The aim of mining a cryptocurrency is to ensure that the same token isn’t reused and so cannot be compromised at any time.

Bits2U focus

• Bits2U focus is to educate the Peruvian public and foreigners hereby increasing awareness of crypto-currency and Perucoin (PE).

• Bits2u will encourage and motivate Peruvians and foreigners to invest and transact with crypto-currencies and in particular on Perucoin thereby inspiring the use of crypto-currency as a legal tender in both the digital and physical business transactions.

• Bits2u intend to build one of the biggest mining farms in the world in Peru and allow guided tours of the mining farm. They hope with this they can teach visitors to the farms how to mine, thereby demystifying the working processes of mining plants as well as show them how the crypto ecosystem works.

• By securing a location Bits2u will assure the authenticity of the coin and motivate early adoption by enthusiast

• Bits2u intend to attend to the unbanked population and provide them with alternative financial financing outside the regular traditional banking systems.

• Bits2u will Provide advisory and training resources/services to crypto-enthusiast



The crypto-currency ecosystem might have a mismatch in demand and supply as:

• Legal implications for most businesses and countries are still uncertain.

• Some governments have partially or completely banned the use of crypto-currencies in their countries for transaction. Examples of such countries are China, Equador and Saudi Arabia.

• There are other countries like Russia, Germany, Sweden and Holland that do not only support crypto-currencies adoption but also have gone ahead to try to develop their own national crypto-currencies.


Bits2u want to approach the cruptocurrency ecosystems demand and supply mismatch by allowing people see how the mining process actually works, and creating a resource for the wider crypto-currency market by educating and advising on crypto-asset.


Bits2u have developed strong and unique partnership with brands in various developing countries for eventual expansion of the crypto-currency. Their core marketing strategies is to attract influencers and get more spread via word of mouth. This is dine simply by:

• Leveraging on social media and influencers.

• The ability of their team members who have strong marketing history and orientation.

• Outreach by handling their PR and communications internally and through 3rd parties to be able to keep their community informed on development, new ideas and relationships.

• Giving lectures in Universities about crypto-currencies for university students, crypto-enthusiast, businesses and individuals.

• Distribute fliers on crypto-currency to keep spreading the awareness to Peruvians.


The model is built for crypto-currency, business and merchants to complete the ecosystem payment. This system with incite the spread of awareness as well as develop a state of art platform that will facilitate crypto services storage of crypto-currency, advisory, trading and development of other crypto projects on the PE blockchain.


• Transparency in all transactions

• A controlled release of the token so as not to flood the market but supply as demanded , keeping our investors wanting more as well as increase and grow influencers.

• A measured purchase of physical asset and equipment for mining to separate the Perucoin from other token crowdsales.

• To guarantee improvement and stability in the price of PE.

• To promote Perucoin as a currency or legal tender for any service on the platform

• With a $200 billion economy even a 1% equates to $2 billion transaction rate for the company.

Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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