PeruCoin – the beginning of the Peruvian cryptoimpiery.

PeruCoin 8.jpgPeruCoin 5.jpgPeruCoin. What is behind that loud slogan? What is the idea pursued by this company? We will try to understand.
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Everything is constantly changing and does not stand still. Also, the changes could not but affect the financial world. Thus, a new type of currency exchange opens before us – a crypto currency. It has long been born, but recently gained tremendous popularity among the masses. But even despite such strong information support, the crypto-currencies are exposed to great mistrust among the main masses of people who are looking at the world of crypto-investment and blockade from the outside. And here on the scene comes PeruCoin.

The main goal of PeruCoin
The main goal of PeruCoin is the wide awareness, explanation and introduction into the everyday life of Peruvians of an innovative means of payment – their own crypto currency. PeruCoin is setting itself to buy an industrial building / plant in the near future for its further conversion into a mining farm. PeruCoin also aims to promote knowledge about crypto-investment, crypto-security, blocking technology and related industries and information in Peruvian society. They are going to conduct excursions to their mining farms for all who want Peruvians and foreigners.

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What is PeruCoin
PeruCoin is a project initiated by Bits2u, which aims to expand knowledge about crypto investments in Peru and wants to achieve the following goals:

Provide the necessary knowledge about the Crypto-currency in Peruvian society
Encouraging the public to invest in crypto-currencies
Creation of one of the largest mining farms not only in Peru, but also in the world
To teach and share their experience in the mining area by conducting excursions
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Price strategy
As a currency based on a crypto platform, they strive for full transparency in all transactions by implementing smart contracts of the blockbuster etherium. To maintain the course and stability of its PeruCoin coin, 30% of all tokens generated on their farms will be sent to buy already existing PeruCoin coins.
First of all, the project is focused on fulfilling the set goals within the country. It should be noted that the project is supported at the state level, which is undoubtedly a big plus for the project with those goals. However, PeruCoin also plans to exit to the international price, and at the moment, in parallel with establishing business in Peru, is also looking for partners in neighboring countries and highly developed countries, where crypto currency is a great success.

Development scenarios
At the moment PeruCoin allocates 2 variants of development of events proceeding from that sum of investments which it will be possible to involve.
Scenario 1: Collecting Softcap
When you reach Softcap, which is $ 5 million, the funds will be allocated accordingly:

Purchase of the plant for further conversion to a mining farm – 1 million 200 thousand dollars (will be implemented within 60 days after the achievement of Softcap)
Provision of electricity – 400 thousand dollars (contracting with energy services for maintenance
Purchase of mining equipment in the amount of 1,000 pieces and additional equipment for its work – 2 million 61 thousand 500 dollars
Buying a security alarm and securing the farm – from 20 thousand dollars a month
Additional costs (includes listing costs on exchanges) – remaining money
Scenario 2: Collecting Hardcap
When you reach Hardcap, which is 13 million 300 thousand dollars, the funds will be allocated accordingly:

Purchase of a large plant with the subsequent conversion of it into a mining farm – $ 3 million
Provision of electricity – 1 million dollars (contracting with energy services for maintenance
Purchase of mining equipment in the amount of 2000 pieces and additional equipment for its work – 5 million 279 thousand 250 dollars
Buying a security alarm and securing the farm – from 40 thousand dollars a month
Additional costs (includes listing costs on exchanges) – remaining money
Distribution of tokens
The undoubted plus is also that the total issue of tokens is only 1 million 900 thousand tokens, which should favorably affect his course.

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The project will allocate 77% of the tokens.
8% of tokens are allocated to the team.
The cost of marketing 2% of tokens.
Tokenov for the exchange of 13%.

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At the moment the project company is small and only 4 people. However, in the near future they plan to acquire a larger team and find mentors for the project. In more detail, you can see the team by visiting their personal profiles on LinkedIn.

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Road map
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I follow the road map in the third quarter of 2018, PeruCoin plans to acquire the plant. This will be followed by the acquisition of mining equipment and necessary equipment. In the 4th quarter, it is planned to ensure the safety of the mining farm. By the first quarter of 2019, the project plans to conduct the first excursion to the mining farm.

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Ecosystem PeruCoin provides a safe and decentralized platform for teaching and promoting knowledge about crypto-currencies in Peru. At the same time, they strive to eliminate the distrust and fear of investing in crypto-currencies from the Peruvian public. They also plan to create a specialized platform on crypto-currency, crypto-investment, blocking technology, and so on.

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