Today we will analyze one of the best ICO PERUCOIN. What are his advantages? Is it worth investing in it? A good project has a unique uniqueness. So what is the uniqueness of PERUCOIN?
PeruCoin is a new generation of innovative crypto-currency platform that was created to provide knowledge of the Crypto-currency of the Peruvian population through excursions to the plant where they can assess the technical capabilities and operation of the mining equipment in action and at conferences. PeruCoin plans to achieve this by educating and raising awareness of the general population of Peru about the benefits and security of Blockchain technology and the adoption of digital currencies. PeruCoin ideally involves stimulating the development of a new financial ecosystem in Peru, based on the interaction between public education and the interaction of Blockchain technology and asset management.
The main task of PeruCoin in the short term is the acquisition of a factory, which will later be transformed into a mining farm. In addition, the company seeks to strengthen and stimulate the widespread use of Crypto-currency among Peruvians. Through a mining farm PeruCoin aims to become the most modern crypto-mining platform in the world, using the potential of Blockchain technology. The platform intends to bring large financial payments to its investors, holders of PERU tokens and participating traders, and will also provide first-class offers to Peruvians. An interesting idea, is not it?

The objectives of PERUCOIN: 
 - Bitcoins will be mined on a mining farm.

– The collected assets will be used for initial costs: purchase and purchase of a crypto-farm to strengthen the brand and reputation in the crypto-currency industry, as well as for the further development of technology and business. 
 - Thanks to excursions, knowledge will be quickly transferred from the citizen to the citizen. 
 - In comparison with other ICOs, the minimum fund of the company will allow to realize this project.

Many experts on the market and representatives of the crypto community have an opinion that the main thing that you need to pay attention to the evaluation of the project is the developers. In the case of start-ups, project ideas change very often when confronted with the market, and the team in any case remains constant, so it is important to understand whether they will be able to overcome difficulties.

The team at the PERUCOIN project is small, but these people are the masters of their business. The project is handled by entrepreneurs who already have successful work experience.

About ICO:

Platform: Ethereum 
Standard: ERC20 
Quantity: 2,000,000 PERU 
Price: 1 PERU = 7 USD 
Payment: ETH 
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD 
Hard cap: 13,300,000 USD 
Quantity: 600,000 PERU 
Start: 21/05/2018 
End: 10/06/2018 
Bonus: 20% 
Quantity: 1,400,000 PERU 
Start: June 11 
, 2013 Completion: July 15, 2013

Having studied the PERUCOIN project, we will conclude that the project is worthwhile and interesting, it has a unique uniqueness. It is based on the Ethereum platform and Blockchain technology, so it will have an investment appeal.

Detailed information about the project:


White paper:


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