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Greetings community, in this new posting I will be commenting on the project Yourself your own Independent Persona, here’s his review:

What is a Persona

Persona is a service to manage all your identity with the latest data protection whichcan also provide the individuals in order to gain control over their own pribagi data.By using persona, individuals require only a short time to update data and so service providers can also access customer data with the latest version.

The Goal Of Persona

There are a few important points underlying the main purpose of this persona in the project build. For more details the following some points main objective persona.
1. Make use of individual identity Manager using blockchain technology
2. Protect the personal data of individuals. Often found that individuals often provide details of their personal data to various entities, but they do not have control overthe data they share. But the persona can put the individual as the driver of their own data so that it can control or gain access from their data.
3. Give the power over what and to whom the identity and details of their pribagi.
4. Allow third parties that has indeed been in trust with personal details to enrich their services.
5. Prevent false news. Menyediakkan with a decentralized identity management system, persona can give trust with any content that we need with the advantages which we can keep track of the news directly to the source.
6. Streamline onboarding because some entity already registered into the system and the entities already in check in advance.

Data safety and security

Persona is very safe to use because remember the fact there are two components that are layered. When registering, the physical presence of the individual become a prerequisite to share their data to the company. And security personasendiri is divided into three segments, namely
1. Blockchain and IPFS. Using web applications and mobile applications
2. PIN-based Login. Can use fingerprint scanning
3.2FA Authentication. So the data is stored, it will directly secure with cryptographic algorithms from blockchain.

Token Persona

His own persona has a token symbol PRS which is a token of the utilities that are used by the platform.
Name: Token Charm
Symbol:P RS
The total supply of PRS 100 million:
The price of the ICO: $0.2
Details To Supply The Token Persona
As many as 70 million PRS will be allocated for TGE
-A total of 15 million will be allocated to the PRS team and founders
12.00.000PRS will be allocated for startup
1 million will be allocated to the PRS Advisor
PRS2 million will be allocated for the program‘s bounty

Sale Token Persona

Sale token persona is divided into four parts namely, private sale, then continued with the public sale I, public sale II and III a new public sale after that will be put on the distribution of the token.
To find the relevant details about the project‘s current Charm please follow some of the links below:

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