Petchain’s goal is to create a platform for the pet market based on the blockchain platform

Every person has a pet, the problem is that many pets are not properly cared for, it is difficult to find the right food, it is difficult to get information on how to care for pets, even if we know that thousands and thousands of pets are in the world.
Now let’s talk about the platform specifically about pets, this platform is specifically in the form of a blockchain, everyone will receive statistics around pets in the form of decentralized applications (Dapp). For this reason, it is possible to recognize this platform, namely Petchain:
About STO / ICO
“Social networks are mining” using diamond key chains and so on. 90% of the advertising costs provided by animal feed brands and toys can be returned to users who have diamond chains, Coin Petchain (PTCS) will download a companion change web page in 2019
PETCHAIN ​​is a platform for decentralization aimed directly at the consumer. Petchains (PTCS) specializes in international fact-based gadgets and trading platforms.
Petchain Solution
Petchain solutions are developed on the basis of advanced and global technologies, such as big facts and blockchains, which allow customers to store unique data and keep statistics on each animal that lives in a house or in a shelter.

How does Petchains work?

To begin with, new users are registered on the platform with basic data such as name, email address and gender.

Secondly, new users become members of the platform as soon as they complete the registration process. New users are free to log into their account with an ID and password.

In addition, new users are free to use the platform after logging in with the conditions (ID and password). He can then contact the administration panel, which will then contact the experts he wants.

In addition, if users may have additional questions or recommendations, he can contact customer support, available 24/7. Here the problem will be solved soon, because it will be solved by the management and technical team.

Finally, the platform does not require special skills or names from the user, because he will see some parts of the help that will help him. Users will also see various forms attached to each section to facilitate communication with professionals.

Petchains Features

Petchain’s goal is to create a platform for the pet market based on the blockchain platform, which ensures the authenticity of service providers and practitioner resources. All incentives for the development of the Petchain social platform are valued by encouraging users to participate more actively in community development, in addition to identifying information, the network will provide PTCS prizes for every speech, sympathy and other actions performed by users in the community. Information about animals will cover all important data on pets (education, rewards, training, pedigree, history, illness, achievements, allergies) so that they can be used in case of loss of a pet.

Petcha Tokens

Petcoin (PTCS) is the standard of the ERC20 coins. This is a unit of exchange used to exchange assets and advice among other active members of the platform.

You can also spend to get special discounts on products on the platform.

It is also used to purchase various services on the platform.

PTCS is spent on participating in online events.

Petchain’s Vision
Petchain’s task in this task is to provide a network of professionals, experts, institutions, lecturers, owners, service providers, volunteer vendors and individuals who are different from the animal community, they can participate worldwide and contribute to ensuring life for their pets.
Petchain Features
1. Cost of supervision
Pet companies are growing every day, and this is becoming very strong due to the loss of the communique. Thus, the maintenance and control of excessive value leads.
2. Lack of verified pet information
Sometimes advocates cannot get statistics on pets because it is difficult for customers to get accurate and accurate statistics on pets. In normal recording methods are subject to change.
3. The lack of clear data on pets
There is a loss of information about pets. Some puppy owners have detailed data, but in the villages, pets often do not have data. In this case, there must be data that is correct and applicable.
4. Lack of relevant basic needs Information about pets
Pet owners do not have the correct statistics about the simple desires of their pets and that they do not know which food is for their pets and which is not. They do not have the correct guidance on what to give your beloved pet.
Petchain Token
PETCHAINS coin is an ERC 20 coin, we help ETH for presales, public selling is a wise decision, except that if you use ETH, you automatically get PTCS.
About STO / ICO
“Social networks are mined” using large Petchains diamonds and so on. 90% of advertising costs provided by pet food manufacturers and toy manufacturers can be returned to users who have diamond Petchains. Coin Petchain (PTCS) will upload the site change in 2019.
Token details
Token Name: Petchain
Token symbol: PTCS
Total coins issued: 1,800,000 PTCS
Token price: zero, 00018
Soft-Cap (Public ICO): 5000 ETH
Presale Tour
– Round 1 (bonus 70%) January 5, 2019 – January 25, 20192
– Round 2 (25% bonus) January 26, 2019 – February 25, 2019
– Round 3 (bonus 35%) February 26, 2019 – March 25, 2019
– Round 4 (40% bonus) March 26, 2019 – April 25, 2019
– The fifth round (25% bonus) April 26, 2019 – May 25, 2019
Hard-cap: 89,285 ETH
Distributed tokens: 30 days after the end of the sale of tokens.
Executive Petchain Group:



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