Blockchain in Veterinary Medicine

What is Petlife?

Petlife is an international veterinary telemedicine marketplace based on blockchain. The service allows conducting remote consultations online, solves the problems of vet shortage and the quality of veterinary care. We are planning to unite veterinarians in Europe, Asia and Northern America. The link between veterinarians and animal owners is blockchain and telemedicine.

We plan to introduce up to 30 veterinary specializations and areas such as surgery, therapy, radiology, rehabilitation, oncology. Vets will be able to consult animal owners to solve common and rare problems: vaccinations, post-surgery conditions, suspected twisted gut, poisoning with household chemicals, treatment of parasitic infestations, itching skin. Animal owners will be able to send medical data required for qualified medical assessments: medical reports, lab results, CT scans, X-ray, ultrasound and MRI tests. Our veterinary telemedicine platform works 24/7/365.

How does it Works?

Choosing your vet and mode of communication

Pet owner chooses a vet – general practitioner or specialist, for example, surgeon, dermatologist, oncologist, then convenient time and mode of communication – video conference, online chat or telephone call.


Vet analyzes veterinary record, history of diseases, prior tests and prescriptions and questions the patient. After the consultation the vet prepares a detailed report, electronic prescription and gives recommendations.

Data storage

Electronic medical record stores all treatment-related data introduced by the vet or pet owner. All people participating in the treatment are indicated in the record. In case you want to sell your pet, the record will be sold together with the animal.

Why do we use blockchain?

To store data. Veterinary record: Reports of veterinarians, preoperative diagnoses, surgery protocols, results of ultrasound, functional and X-ray diagnostics, prescriptions and recommendations. Petlife App will update the entire chain of blocks in real time and show the changes in the treatment process and animal’s condition.

To treat. Access to medical data and veterinary record. Chain inalterability allows the doctor to assess the quality of treatment and to prepare a competent answer or report for court. Veterinary record is a clinical tool for treatment quality control, monitoring of previous treatment and results.

To pay for services. Solution to 2 problems associated with payment:

  • direct cross-border payments without international currency conversion fees;
  • express payment between participants of the system, insurance companies, clinics and pharmaceutical companies.

What is Telemedicine OÜ?

Telemedicine OÜ is a company officially registered under the law of Estonia and it has been given its own ID number – 14514949. Our company has passed the inspection implemented by Estonian Police and Border Guard Board and has gained the right to place the Trusted e-Residency Company logo on the website.

The Telemedicine company sees opportunities in the veterinary service market in Europe and the USA:

  • increasing number of pets;
  • longer life span of animals;
  • willingness of pet owners to spend larger sums of money;
  • not enough vets in densely populated cities;
  • growing cost of services;
  • demand for telemedicine consultations;
  • widespread use of mobile devices;
  • sharp increase in the market of microchipping and farming services;
  • and also developed e-commerce market.

Given these factors, we are developing our project – Petlife: for pet owners, farmers, farms, industrial producers of poultry and meat, as well as for veterinary care providers – private practitioners and clinics. Application for iOS, Android and web-version will incorporate the advantages oftelemedicine and blockchain:

  • electronic medical record;
  • video consultation, online chat;
  • electronic prescription;
  • billing cryptocurrency and fiat systems;
  • “Second Opinion” service;
  • PACS systems for MSCT and MRI images;
  • personal account;
  • vet’s schedule, veterinary reports;
  • module for medical councils.


Russian Veterinary Association

The Association represents the Russian Federation and is a member of the World Veterinary Association

Russian Veterinary Association helps the Telemedicine OÜ company to develop private-public partnerships in the Russian Federation, build business relationships with Russian companies, sectorial trade unions and associations and also with international unions in the sphere of veterinary medicine and animal care

Association “VetSafety”

Association provides support and consultations to veterinary experts as well as evaluates new veterenary related projects

VetSafety provides information support to Petlife and helps our project to be in accordance with legislation and other legal requirements in veterenary medicine

Panda Vetclinic

Veterinary clinic in Samara provides a wide range of services for your pet’s health! Attentive and responsible specialists are always ready to help every patient. Doctors regularly undergo training to provide competent help. Veterinary Clinic “Panda” follows the latest innovations and achievements in the field of veterinary medicine.

Veterinarians of “Panda” are testing the Petlife service to understand what difficulties a doctor may encounter when conducting remote consultations. In the future, veterinarians of the clinic will use Petlife in routine practice.


The largest 24-hour inpatient care clinic in Samara and the Samara Region. It’s a multi-specialty clinic, which helps animals with different levels of disease severity and homeless animals which need to be quarantined with veterinary treatment

Flagmanvet conducts clinical evaluation of the Petlife platform, seeks out weak parts of our service which can negatively affect the process of the veterinary telemedicine treatment. Our teams are negotiating on cooperative launching of the platform in the Russian Federation

Zimozi Solutions

Technology evangelist From Singapore. They have more than 10+ years of experience in cross platform (IOS, Android & Windows) mobile development, cloud computing, wearables & IOT. The developement of our clinical assistant module based on the neural network technology


Engineering team from New York with a great experience in developing IT-solutions for health service

Partnership in development of a module for the Petlife app designed for veterinary radiologists. With the help of this module the application can integrate with PACS-systems of computerized MRI scanner and enhanced multidetector computed tomographer, store data about the results of medical tests and provide a diagnostician with tools for processing and visualizing medical pictures in the DICOM format


An innovative team specializing in developments using artificial intelligence. More than 100 professionals who have been creating projects for the US, Great Britain, Germany and Israel since 2005.

Now it is working on the development for Petlife, the first clinical assistant based on computer calculation and big data. This module helps a veterinarian choose an effective treatment plan for a pet.



Prevention. Use your card to consult with veterinarians on vaccination, medication, proper care and nutririon. Treatment in our partner clinics


Consultation with doctors and service in partner clinics: intravenous, subcutaneous and intramuscular injection, infusion, antiparasitic and therapeutic treatment, physical therapy.


Laboratory tests, x-ray and ultrasound examinations, “Second Opinion” service.

Specialized doctors

Treatment course. Remote consultation of veterinary surgeon, ophthalmologist, dermatologist and rehabilitation therapist


Course of treatment. Online case conference of surgeons and determining the most optimal plan of surgery. Surgery services at our partner clinics. Remote consultations of rehabilitation therapists.

Application and Brand Store

Petlife provides you with 24/7 convenient access to verified veterinarians and clinics around the world

It is a great option for obtaining high-quality veterinary medical care

Consultations at any time any place

Quality medical care via videoconference and chat

Timely assistance. Response time – 14 minutes

Network of doctors, veterinarians and experts

System of prescription formation

Doctors’s help anytime anywhere

Petlife brand store – real store with cryptocurrency and PETL tokens payment option

Integrated payment module on the POS system of the store.

Use cryptocurrency to buy veterinary products and services. Implementation in the city of Zug (Switzerland) as it does not require licensing there.

Animal feed

Veterinary pharmacy

Products for care and hygiene

Clothing and shoes for pets

Transportation and sleep

Accessories and equipment


Developed and decentralized on Blockchain platform

Machine learning and big data for clinical support systems

Complete electronic medical record

Payment with PETL tokens

Open Source platform, API

Means of communication for online-consultation: video, chat

Distribution of Tokens

For sale 62%

Reserve funds 17%

Team & Founders 15%

Advisors 4%

Bounty 2%

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