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The wealth management industry around the globe has been growing exponentially, thanks to high rate of returns. The pace of this industry is not looking too promising and this combined with the lack of knowledge and awareness of customers is making the industry go towards a downside. In addition, emerging FinTech companies are also posing as a challenge to them. High costs due to using out-dated technology and limited opportunities are some of the reasons PHI Token has emerged into this sector.


PHI (Platform for Hybrid Investment) aim is to provide clients with a fully digitized platform on which to manage all savings and investments. They are backed by the parent company DIAMAN SCF who have been in the industry for more than sixteen years.

The Ecosystem
It is a 360-degree platform which aims to serve the purpose of Depositary Banks, multiple Asset Managers and multiple Financial Advisors, aiming to fulfil the needs of private and HNWI customers as well as institutional customers looking to hire asset managers to allocate their assets. They are not just a a professional asset management platform but also work as open source platform offering investment services to private and institutional clients. The Machine Learning technology that is utilised in the ecosystem will help users choose the best combination for investment on individual assets.


One of the main requirements for any investment management platform is to have high amount of security and transparency in order to ensure trust in potential clients. TO ensure the highest form of trust on the platform, they have used Blockchain Document Management System (BDMS). The purpose of this tool is to ensure authenticity is three levels- Immutability, Authenticity, Timestamp. The hybrid platform allows Asset managers, Wealth Managers and the Financial Planners to open more than one management lines for their customers.

 MVP of the project: tokens sold on 4,89 million dollars. 16 years of Financial Experience and high ambitions  ($90 Trillion dollar market-place).

Idea and conception    

We see the future of this platform in the development of new tools for investors. All this is decentralized and anonymous, without loss of data – according to philosophy of the blockchain. You may be more aware of the problems of the investment business, then this is exactly for you. The official project document speaks of (1) PHI as a stage; (2) the PHI as a payment instrument; (3) PHI as a part of tax operations.

Problems solved with PHI Token:

  •  Cancellation of the high cost of retail services;
  •  Development of various financial products;
  •  Fixation on the needs of the client; ·
  •  Improvement of the competitiveness and visibility of the industry.

Road Map: actual information

Main problematic:

  • There is no real competition in the financial market (we understand this as limited financial instruments).
  • Use a limited number of tools.
  • The complexity of analyzing and improving the system as a whole.
  • Secondary role of clients.
  • Imperfection of the digital platforms.
  • Unsatisfactory profit from simple transactions.

These opportunities will be available after PHI Token release:

  • For investors: receiving a profit.
  • For users (token – payment): making profitable contracts within the network.
  • For business and investment: improved financial results and a clever system of tools without restrictions. Independence and freedom of transactions.

How does the PHI Token work? This is an open source project. The system also implies the integration of various components, including the DIAMAN “theses”*. Crypto DIAMAN Tech will make the contract simple and safe. Serious conversation about this will take place only after the project will be released. We see the branches of “business”, “customer”, and “investor”, see the detailed structure below.

* Diaman SCF is a company with a dislocation in Malta, which provides assets and financial instruments. Today they are partners of the PHI project.

“From customer to advisor – the blockchain’s traces of contracting”

PHI Token team 

PHI Project – who are they? We see young people interested in the development of this industry, they are ambitious, but had possessing practical experience. Daniele Bernardi is a general director of the company, has his own history of the financial development. Francesco Canella this is the financial director of the company, more about his career here. The main part of the team, including analysts, managers, technical specialists, and financiers is “supplied” with advisers who really know their business. Partnership with the DIAMAN Company here really means a lot. Excellent financial education and 16 years of practical experience – you decide whether to believe in the future of this company here and now. Malta is an offshore “Mecca”, a center for pilgrimage of various groups of financiers. All this is a fruitful basis for future work.

ICO and Terms of Sale 

Time of ICO: 8 March, 2018 – 21 March, 2018

Soft Cap: 1,000,000 USD;

Hard Cap: 14,930,352 PHI;

Pre-ICO starts in: March 3, 2018;

Results of the pre-ICO:  3.524.578 tokens reserved for;

Token costs on ICO: 1 PHI = 1,61 USD

Bonuses & discounts: 21% discount (read more)

Bounty company: February 22, 2018 – March 21, 2018;

Token distribution:

1. Public distribution of tokens 61,8%;

2. Airdrop – available for stake holders (in 6 month) 3,4%;

3. Reserved tokens for Advisors, employees and management 11,1%;

4. Development of the business (buffer) 23,4%.

Stages of ICO:

  1. Pre-Sale (closed);
  2. Pre-ICO  (started in March);
  3. ICO (8 – 21 March 2018).

Where the gain will be sent :

  1. Marketing program 18,6%;
  2. Development about 41,4%;
  3. Compliance and legal 5,4%;
  4. Future researches 4,4%.

PHI Token today   

Profits of PHI Token:

  1.  Real product, with its own perspectives;
  2.  An experienced team with a good structuring of roles;
  3.  Clear road map;
  4.  Good results at the start;
  5.  Confirmed business platform and real (verified) project participants.


Website * [ANN]Bitcointalk * [Bounty]Bitcointalk * Telegram;u=1344739



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