Philanthropy on the Blockchain
Philanthore is for people who think the same way with the same beliefs, ideas, and moral attitudes, who want to improve life on earth. Together we will combine the topics we care about, our collective intelligence, and focus them directly on doing good for the earth, humanity and future generations.
Our collective intelligence, acting as a strong Collective Mind, will strive to improve life on earth without stopping, continuously enabling long-term solutions, while directly reacting to crises and emergencies.
With blockchain in essence, Philanthor works to fix real life problems. Moreover, our funds, assistance, and resources flow gracefully between causes that reflect the wishes of our members’ collective minds, without geographical, social or cultural bias.
We have spent more than 18 months developing the AI ​​and Blockchain platforms, which are carefully designed for specific tasks to ensure donations run quickly and transparently to recipients in need.
Allows transparency, reliability, and ensuring that our goals receive full donations with fewer banks & other man-in-the-middle
Video Analysis
With our AI-based Video Interview technology, we can analyze more grants and scholarship applications faster than humans can do.
Our in-house tools are developed, our Know-Your-Client ensures to work with real people, reduce risk and fraud.
AI & Machine Learning
Our learning platforms become more autonomous and smart with time, able to sort out better donation candidates and reduce costs
Image Introduction
We read & recognize documents automatically, verify and categorize them, which is intended to reduce processing time and ensure that money goes where and when needed.
Fraud detection
Outside of our KYC, we have developed metrics in tightening threats from secrutiy, fraud and cyber.
Causes We Support
Philanthor is a supporter of causes with a focus on youth, gender equality and environmental and wildlife protection, with special interests in education, food and water security, clean energy, environment and health technology.
Some of the Organizations We Support

What do we offer?
Become a philanthropist now.
PTH Token
PTH assistance to Philanthor is the heart that strengthens our platform. The smart contract and the crypto token economy ERC20 behind it create a decentralized decision-making automation (DAO) that allows members to become part of a true philanthropic foundation, vote on topcis that are important to them and bring new causes to the center of attention that is close to their hearts and philosophies .
“Giving up money is easy and in anyone’s power. But to decide who to give it and how big and when, and for what purpose and how, nothing in the power of everyone or an easy matter.”

Our Technology Partners

International entrepreneurial team based in Paris France and Sillicon Valley, CA USA.

Advisory Board


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