Pieta ICO Sale 2nd Phase is now Live: Make sure you don’t miss this one

Here is exciting news coming up for all the investors who are looking to invest in a reliable & eco-friendly solar-powered blockchain project for crypto mining operations. All such investors can join the 2nd Phase of Pieta’s public ICO Sale running currently & purchase the Pieta Tokens at a discounted price of $2.5 with 50% token bonus.

Those who don’t know, the Pre-ICO sale of Pieta has been successfully completed after achieving the target funding from more than 300+ early investors. Now, the public ICO sale of Pieta in back & running successfully thanks to the enthusiastic participation of investors all over the globe, looking for an eco-friendly crypto mining solution.

Key Details about the Pieta Public ICO Sale

The public sale of Pieta tokens is scheduled to be carried out in six different phases starting from 15th May 2019 while ending on 14th November 2019.

  • Token Price during ICO Sale: $1.5 to $5 (depending on the phase)
  • Current Token Price: $2.5 (2nd phase of public ICO)
  • Token Bonus: 50% (2nd phase)
  • Schedule: 15th May to 14th November 2019
  • Currencies Accepted– BTC, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
  • Total Tokens available for ICO sale: 9,000,000 tokens
  • Minimal transaction amount: 1 Pieta token

Why Invest in Pieta and how it is more profitable?

Pieta is one of the first solar-powered blockchain projects that has figured out an eco-friendly and affordable solution for the energy-intensive crypto mining process to make it more accessible, economical, and environmental-friendly.

Pieta will utilize the much cheaper and eco-friendly solar energy for crypto mining operations to bring down the high cost and energy requirements in the mining process.

That’s not all; Pieta will also use the latest X20 hashing algorithm to increase the overall security & efficiency in mining process while reducing the energy consumption up to 50%.

Pieta Token Benefits

Investing in Pieta Tokens will offer multiple benefits to investors. Purchasing Pieta tokens during the year-long ICO sale will provide the opportunity for investors to buy tokens at discounted prices and bonuses up to 100%.

The merchants, customers, and business around the globe will get access to a large Point-of-Sale Network where they can use Pieta tokens for making digital payments on multiple online platforms accepting crypto payments.

Purchasing Pieta tokens will allow miners to buy solar-powered mining contracts at an attractive 20% discount rate. The early funding received from the investors will be utilized for building solar-powered mining rigs & solar farms across the African region by Pieta team.

Pieta Token will also be listed on some of the popular exchange platforms where it can be exchanged & traded against other popular cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Lastly, Pieta will provide a 20% share of overall ecosystem profits to investors on regular intervals to retain their trust. So, don’t wait & invest in Profitable Pieta Tokens.  You can find out more or invest now at pieta network

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