Pieta ICO Sale is Live now: Just look at the Pieta project, you will love it!

Those looking to invest in the ICO market or a utility token this year must know the hard truth of this industry. While cryptocurrencies continue to remain high-potential digital tokens with a strong future, ICOs are rapidly degrading in both quality and trustability, owing to the increasing fraud activities.

The solution is not to boycott the complete ICO industry altogether, but to promote and encourage good ICOs. Yes, there are actually good token sales where you can invest and get huge profits.

Pieta is one such ICO sale

The Pieta token sale started with the start of this year (2019) with the first pre-ico phase. The pre-sale of tokens ended this May, and now, the main/public sale has started, opening the opportunities for individual investors who wish to earn handsome returns by investing in a good token.

What makes Pieta a good token (ICO)?

The credibility of a new token sale lies in many things.

The concept

How strong the project itself is will determine whether it has the potential to grow in the future. For instance, Pieta is backed by a very strong and realistic concept. It is trying to solve a genuine and crucial problem of our world – providing easier and affordable electricity.

For one, Pieta will develop affordable solar energy to be used by businesses and industries across the world. It will start with supplying adequate solar power for crypto mining operations, effectively increasing the efficiency and reducing the cost of the mining activities. This will not only enable more people to engage in crypto mining but it will also protect the environment by limiting the use of non-renewable energies.

Liked the Pieta concept?

The Team

The development and marketing of Pieta project are being managed by a strong team consisting of blockchain experts, businessmen, marketing professionals and advisors from around the globe, who are continuously working together to realize the dream of a sustainable environment through eco-friendly and affordable crypto mining.


Nowadays, investors make sure to ask for and check the minimal viable product (MVP) before investing in a new project. This is crucial to check the authenticity of a project.

Pieta has already launched its MVP, giving a summarised idea of the kind of the platform we’re developing. At present, the team is building its customized mining rigs in partnership with top crypto exchanges like Bitmain.

By the end of the year, we will be ready to start building our natural solar energy plants across Africa and other places, depending on the amount we manage to raise during the ICO.

As I said, you’ll absolutely love the Pieta project, token and platform once you get to know more about it.

So, what are you waiting for?

Read the Pieta project details by visiting https://pieta.network or invest today to secure your future.

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