Pieta is all set to Launch its Mining Platform in November. Here’s all you need to know

Pieta, one of the most powerful crypto projects of the year, is soon going to launch its much-awaited solar-powered mining platform to the public. We understand it was a long wait, but it was worth it, because the Pieta mining platform once developed and released will provide a convenient and very affordable method of crypto mining to the masses.

Pieta’s one-of-its-kind mining platform and hardware are in the final stages of development. The mining application will be launched in November this year and the launch of the mining rigs/hardware will follow shortly after that.

What you can expect from Pieta’s Mining Platform launch in November

I am sure you can feel like something big is coming your way. Tell you what, you’re not wrong. Pieta is going to launch its solar crypto mining system this fall (November to be exact). Here’s all you can expect from the big event.

Launch of Pieta mining system (app) — Pieta’s mining platform in the form of an app will be launched in November this year. The app will be released in multiple formats, including desktop and mobile. Following the release of the mining app, the Pieta team will also release a detailed guide describing the procedure of mining different cryptocurrencies through the system.

The solar plants of Pieta have already been established in Africa and other parts of the world, which will become operative at the same time. Pieta will start offering mining rigs and solar power to the interested miners, with preference to the project investors, at a reduced price for a limited time period.

It will also sell affordable solar energy to businesses around the world who are looking to increase the efficiency (by using renewable energy) of their business operations.

Pieta’s mining rigs will be developed and ready to operate by the end of the year.

Why you should wait for it…

Pieta, no doubt, is one of the biggest crypto projects of the year. It intends to solve the biggest problem of the crypto mining industry. By reducing energy consumption and cost, it will effectively make crypto mining accessible and affordable for everyone. But that’s not the only reason why you should wait for it.

Pieta will make crypto mining affordable as well as eco-friendly. As of now, the mining of bitcoins and several altcoins consumes about as much energy as required to run an entire country. This energy consumption is not only depleting our natural resources but also causing a very bad impact on the environment due to the release of harmful carbon gas.

Once Pieta’s mining platform comes into effect, it will provide a better alternative to the existing mining systems.

Pieta coin is also going to be very beneficial for those who trade it on exchanges or use it for the exchange of services. See, the coin price will rise significantly as the project/product becomes famous, which will benefit all our investors immensely.

Stay tuned at Pieta Network for more updates.

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