PikcioChain is the New Way of Exchanging Personal Data

The Blockchain technology has allowed a number of startups to grow and develop with the help of unique features. The blockchain is essentially a public ledger that can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. It tracks monetary transactions in a secure, efficient and transparent way. This allows it to be decentralized and autonomous in nature that empowers companies in several ways.

Pikcio is a platform that would allow people to monetize their personal data which leads to empowerment of the individual data producer. Pikcio secures, stores and monetizes personal information with the help of the blockchain technology and is a decentralized, secure and transparent means of exchanging personal data.

About Pikcio

Individual data information is extremely valuable and holds great importance in terms of research for companies. However, the authenticity of this data can be difficult to confirm which leads to businesses being vulnerable to fraud and unable to value data with confidence. Moreover, the current data information system completely neglects the data provider as this information is usually sold to a third party without the individual’s knowledge or permission and does not even benefit out of it. Pikcio will deal all these problems by ensuring a secure, controlled and open environment for the individual data producer.

The platform of Pikcio has been designed to store, secure, verify and clarify data while ensuring the data source retains full control of their information at all times. It also allows the individual to control and supervise their information completely by choosing how to share it, whom to share it with, while also providing them with the opportunity to be paid for its use.

How it works

The Pikcio platform has a PikcioChain that acts as a decentralized information highway. It mediates between the individual data provider and the data buyer to create a marketplace with two means of access. Its architecture is such that it is a highly secure and distributed permission-based platform designed to collect, certify and exchange personal data in a server-free environment that keeps the individual data provider in control.

The interaction on Pikcio involves the PikcioMe mobile application that allows individuals to take part in the marketplace and access the Pikcio network. The app on the device acts as the server that provides their personal data onto the Pikcio ecosystem. This enables them to supervise and control their data that has been collected and manage it on the network. And in return for their data, users are paid in PK tokens, which are Pikcio own cryptocurrency.

The next aspect of the Pikcio platform is the PikcioPro. The PikcioPro is essentially a gateway through which businesses can take part in the Pikcio marketplace. This they can do by using smart contracts that uphold the demands and restrictions of the individual data owner, organizations can buy and sell certified and verified data from or to other parties.

With the help of all these features, Pikcio can create an ecosystem that is efficient, accessible and safe to use and handle.


Pikcio is a unique platform, one that will add value to data for companies. Companies will no longer have to fear using unverified or untrustworthy information for research purposes. With the help of the Pikcio ecosystem certified information can be generated to companies with permission from the individual data producer. This will enable individuals to make money out of it and companies to rely on it. And since individual information has become an important part of product analysis, marketing strategies, financial policies, investment analysis and a variety of key functions of a company, this platform will prove to be invaluable.

Moreover, according to Pikcio’s whitepaper, the company can deliver an enormous range of applications across industry sectors. However, in order to ensure a focused approach to business and in the interest of ensuring rapid but sustainable growth, they have identified the financial services and medical services as their primary targets.

With a strong design and several advantages, it can be said that Pikcio will prove to be a successful endeavor and a profitable project for investors and all those involved with it.

About PikcioChain
PikcioChain is a secure and distributed license-based platform that specializes in the collection, certification and exchange of personal data. PikcioChain enables the loneliness of trading and trading personal data with full security and with confidence, as well as empowering individuals by giving them control over their own abilities. data and enable them to realize their financial value.


PikcioChain structure operates a decentralized structure that allows individual users to control their data as it is stored entirely solely on their individual. device (although encrypted data can be shared to the network nodes authorized for backup purposes). Blockchain technology used by PikcioChain, provides functionality that can not be replicated elsewhere. These benefits include:
Security knowing that cheating, in terms of changing data or transaction history, is impossible. 
> Knowing that data is being exchanged with full permission from the data owner. 
>Decentralized data storage is critical to the success of data theft prevention. Pikcio users store data only on their own devices, so large-scale data theft is not possible. 
> Transaction speed is an important factor in data exchange. By using the third-generation Blockchain platform, Pikcio is able to take advantage of the almost instantaneous transaction speed it offers.


ICO Information
Token Name: PKC
Pre-ICO Duration: 24 Nov 2017-28 Feb 2018
ICO Length: March 1 to March 31, 2018
For Pre-ICO
● The contribution of one ethereum (1 ETH) will lead to the allocation of 327 CCP plus a time-dependent premium
● Limit 80% of Sales Tokens
● The following premiums will be offered:
1 To December 20: 30%
2 To Jan 3: 25%
3 To January 17: 20%
4 To January 31: 15%
5 To February 14: 10%
6 to 28 Feb: 5%

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