Pikciochain: The Blockchain for your data assets

We all know that data has tremendous value but its origin and authenticity can be difficult to confirm, making the business vulnerable to fraud and unable to reward data confidently.
Today’s ecosystem data also ignores individual producer data. Use their data for free and let them without knowledge of where their data is held.
Piccio addresses this issue, creating a data ecosystem that provides value and security to all users.
Piccio has been designed to store, secure, verify and validate data while ensuring that data sources retain complete control of their information at all times. . Piccio lets users choose how to share their data, who can share with them, while also giving them a chance to get paid. For use.
By empowering individuals, Pikcio creates certainty for business. As the regulatory spotlight focuses on the data industry, companies need to find efficient ways to comply with new regulations such as EU GDPR directives, And they need to know that the data they buy is equally authentic and legally available.
Pikcio creates the trust needed to trade data with confidence.


PikcioChain – the heart of the ecosystem Pikcio
Is a highly secure and distributed permit-based platform designed to collect, validate and exchange personal data in server-free environments that keep individual data providers under control.
Acts as an information highway, allowing individuals and companies get together to create a data market with two means of access.


is a personal device-based app that gives individuals access to the network. Users can verify, validate and trade their data. Each PikcioMe-enabled device acts as a server that provides their personal data to the Piccio ecosystem.


is the gateway where businesses gain access to the Piccio ecosystem. Using smart contracts that uphold the demands and limitations of individual data owners,
organizations may purchase and sell certified data from or to other parties.


PKC PK Token is the life source of the Piccio ecosystem, pumping value into user data and creating a monetized data market. The CCP holders may purchase data and may access the various services available within the Piccio ecosystem.


About PikcioChain
PikcioChain is a secure and distributed license-based platform that specializes in the collection, certification and exchange of personal data. PikcioChain enables the loneliness of trading and trading personal data with full security and with confidence, as well as empowering individuals by giving them control over their own abilities. data and enable them to realize their financial value.


PikcioChain structure operates a decentralized structure that allows individual users to control their data as it is stored entirely solely on their individual. device (although encrypted data can be shared to the network nodes authorized for backup purposes). Blockchain technology used by PikcioChain, provides functionality that can not be replicated elsewhere. These benefits include:
Security knowing that cheating, in terms of changing data or transaction history, is impossible. 
> Knowing that data is being exchanged with full permission from the data owner. 
>Decentralized data storage is critical to the success of data theft prevention. Pikcio users store data only on their own devices, so large-scale data theft is not possible. 
> Transaction speed is an important factor in data exchange. By using the third-generation Blockchain platform, Pikcio is able to take advantage of the almost instantaneous transaction speed it offers.


The standard benefits of the platform include the following.

Ideal for Know-Your-Customer

Pikcio doesn’t believe in the system. This way it becomes very easy to directly send in the data that are completely ready and certified. The KYC systems can directly extract all these data into it.

Building Value

PikcioCoin has its people in its mind and that is why it makes sure that personal data is given the most preference. Apart from that it also ensures that the users are incentivized so that they can keep their data and records up to the date.

Completely Yielding

Pikcio follows GDPR compliants. This is because users always know their data and have control over it. As a result of which, their permissions are always known.

Enables the success

At the end of the day, all the business ultimately looks for their success. Pikcio helps all the service providers to make the delivery faster and more secure. This helps the user to have a better experience and enjoy the experience as well.

The Products of Pikcio

The different products that Pikcio introduces to the people are as follows.

Pikciochain: The platform that it uses is very secure and distributed. It aims at collecting information from the users, certifying it, and then exchanging the same data in a safe environment where the data are completely safe and under control.

PikcioMe: This is more like an application which focuses on a device and gives all the access to the individuals to the network. The users have all the facilities which include trading the data, certifying it, verifying the data for further use.

PikcioPro: This serves as the gateway with the help of which the giant businesses gain full control to the ecosystem. It uses smart contracts to take care of the demands and restrictions of the data of the owner.

PikcioToken: This is the major currency that is used in the PikcioChain. It also comes up as the first ever monetized sources for the data marketplace.

The Token Sale

The token sale will use PKC tokens for making transactions on the platform. The pre-ICO and the ICO will be held up for a long time. There will be bonuses too which will reduce with each passing day.

There is still 66 days remaining for the sale to end. The rate of 1 ETH is equal to 245 PKC tokens.

The Final Verdict

Well, Pikciochain aims at putting a strong impact by putting its focus on one of the major section and that is “data”. Security of our personal data is the most important thing for all of the users who are dealing with day to day business and with Pikciochain, it becomes quite easy. So, time to get along to make some investment and be a part of the 15% bonus that the platform is currently offering.

Website : https://pikciochain.com/en/

Whitepaper : https://pikciochain.com/media/dynamic_preferences/whitepaper__whitepaper_en/PikcioChain_Whitepaper_en.pdf

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