The Future of Investments


PIMONCOIN is a token, based on the Etherchain Blockchain for Payment and Investment. This also allows owners to invest their funds by lending, on the foreign exchange market, transportation sector, mineral resources, food products, real estate, to buy and sell at high speed. What makes PIMONCOIN different is that it has value bonds with real-life assets, Users can also get funds as dividends from this investment.

Investing in PIMONCOIN does not only put you among the first cryptocurrency users that you also get by investing, you generate more than 100% of your investment when ico ends, you have the opportunity to invest your funds also in the lending platform after ico, you can withdraw your funds immediately when ico ends and unsold coins will be given as dividends to investors.

Bonuses also included during Ico for those who buy above $ 500 get a 10% discount from their funds in the Ethereum wallet.

Investment in crypto currencies, especially in 2018, is overall not profitable. Most investors lose funds. The Pimoncoin team was also influenced by the crypto bearish market in 2018 where they invested in other crypto projects before they came up with the idea of ​​making pimoncoin. So the idea to make Pimoncoin was born from the desire to end the loss of investment funds in crypto currencies. Pimoncoin dividends are profits distributed to shareholders (holders of pimoncoin) from investments made with shareholder funds. The success of Pimoncoin is not related to the movement and manipulation of crypto market prices. What makes PIMON COIN unique is that it invests shareholder money into profitable businesses.

Pimoncoin funds will be invested in profit-generating sectors every day. Such as the transportation sector, food products, real estate up to several. With this, pimoncoin investors are sure to get a profit that will be paid as Ethereum to their wallet. With this, pimoncoin investors are confident of the monthly profits generated from their investments. What pimoncoin investors have to do is buy pimoncoin and hold their wallet. All wallets purchased by Pimoncoin will be registered in their database for quick monthly dividend payments. Pimoncoin is a future investment and coin that makes investors happy.

Token Sale


Token Symbol: PIMON

Soft Cap: 250,000,000 PIMON

Hard Cap: 350,000,000 PIMON


Total Supply: 500,000,000

Token Decimal: 8

Contract Address: 0XBF72E6157AE27C203C88E668361760A7DAC6CF88

Acceptable Currency : BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH

Token Sale Proceeds

Founders bonus 1%

Legal Issue Fixing 5%

Investments 70%

Listing on exchangers 2%

Developers and Team Bonus 2%

Investors Bonus 5%

Pr and Marketing 5%

Operational cost 10%

Token Distribution

Crowd Sale Offering 70%

Bonus 1%

Team members 10%

Project Management 19%


May 2019 The Presale Begins.

16 May 2019 Ico Round 1

31 May 2019 Ico Round 2

June 2019 Ico Round

September 3 2019 Register for Large Exchange

September 2019 Register at Coinmarketcap

December 2019 Loan Platform

January 2020

February 2020 5 Escrow Site

February 2020 Launch of

February 2020 Pimon Investment Platform Pimoncoin


Mitchel Moluno – CEO

Bright Okay – CTO

Akporherhe Naomi – Media Representative and Project Manager

Pureheart Moluno – Senior developer

Author: Yuni comel

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