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The first blockchain was conceptualized by an individual (or group of individuals) known as Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008.
It was launched the following year in January 2009 by Nakamoto as a core component of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, where it serves as the public ledger for all transactions on the network.
Through the use of a blockchain, Bitcoin became the first digital currency to solve the double spending problem without requiring a trusted authority and has been the inspiration for many additional applications.
I believe that in one hundred years, blockchains will be as common and necessary as electricity is today. They will be fundamental pieces of the economy which nearly everyone will interact with on a daily basis. They will be so normal that we will forget they exist.
We should expect that, over the next couple decades, we will see a Cambrian explosion of blockchain applications and organizations much like what happened with the internet over the past few decades or electrification in the early 20th century.
If that’s true, it’s worth developing a basic understanding for blockchains, including why they matter and how they work.
It is clear that logistics is a large and complex industry requiring careful tracking and long hours of manual input and it is not easy to make everything transparent for both the consumer and producer. Nowadays, thanks to the development of blockchain technology, logistics, and transport management have changed a lot. The way physical goods are transferred and sold can be profoundly affected. Some companies have attempted to find solutions for modern logistical problems, however, no solution is really optimal. Current options are often too expensive to perform.

What precisely is PIMONCOIN?

PIMONCOIN is a token, in light of the Etherchain Blockchain for Payment and Investment. This likewise enables proprietors to contribute their assets by loaning, on the remote trade showcase, transportation part, mineral assets, sustenance items, land, to purchase and sell at rapid. What makes PIMONCOIN diverse is that it has esteem securities with genuine resources, Users can likewise get assets as profits from this speculation.

Putting resources into PIMONCOIN does not just put you among the principal cryptographic money clients that you likewise get by contributing, you produce over 100% of your speculation when ico closes, you have the chance to put your assets additionally in the loaning stage after ico, you can pull back your assets quickly when ico closes and unsold coins will be given as profits to speculators.

Rewards additionally included amid Ico for the individuals who purchase above $ 500 get a 10% markdown from their assets in the Ethereum wallet.

Interest in digital currencies, particularly in 2018, is in general not gainful. Most financial specialists lose reserves. The Pimoncoin group was additionally impacted by the crypto bearish market in 2018 where they put resources into other crypto extends before they thought of the possibility of ​​making pimoncoin. So the plan to make Pimoncoin was conceived from the longing to end the loss of venture assets in digital forms of money. Pimoncoin profits will be benefits conveyed to investors (holders of pimoncoin) from speculations made with investor reserves. The achievement of Pimoncoin isn’t identified with the development and control of crypto advertise costs. What makes PIMON COIN extraordinary is that it puts investor cash into productive organizations.

Pimoncoin assets will be put resources into benefit producing areas consistently. For example, the transportation part, sustenance items, land up to a few. With this, pimoncoin financial specialists are certain to get a benefit that will be paid as Ethereum to their wallet. With this, pimoncoin financial specialists are certain of the month to month benefits produced from their speculations. What pimoncoin financial specialists need to do is purchase pimoncoin and hold their wallet. All wallets obtained by Pimoncoin will be enlisted in their database for a snappy month to month profit instalments. Pimoncoin is future speculation and coin that fulfils financial specialists.


Interests in cryptographic forms of money, particularly in 2018, were commonly unfruitful. Most financial specialists lost cash. The Pimoncoin group likewise experienced the bearish digital currency showcase in 2018 as they put resources into other cryptographic tasks before going to making Pimoncoin. In this manner, making phimonline conceived from the longing to put a conclusion to the unending loss of the venture Fund in bitcoin. Profits on phimonline are the benefits that investors (holders Imankulov) offer of interests in joint Fund. Achievement Pimoncoin isn’t related to the crypto-advertise value developments and controls. The uniqueness of PIMON COIN is that it puts the investors ‘ cash in productive ventures.

Pimoncoin assets will be put resources into the part, piling on benefits every day. For example, a transport part, sustenance, land to make reference to a couple. Considering this, pimoncoin financial specialists are certain to get benefits that will be paid as Ethereum to their wallets. Considering, financial specialists pimoncoin ensure a month to month benefit from his speculation. Speculators in pimankin need to purchase pimankin and keep your wallet. All totes which are purchased pimankin will be enrolled in our database for the speedy month to month profit instalments. Pimoncoin is the fate of speculations and coins that charm financial specialists.


The Pimoncoin biological system plans to offer a long haul answer for the instalment framework in the blockchain business. On the off chance that you can send reserves namelessly, without a wallet address, with your private key and stick, it is just your Recipient who can get the assets in a split second.

Utilizing this arrangement of recovery Pimoncoin, which will make space for arrangements of hazard-free instalments. You can send enormous assets with no confinements or dread of instalment to the wrong location.

For a long time, we have had issues with paying the inaccurate location due to a mistake in the clipboard, malware or Trojans in our framework, however, with the assistance of this eco-framework pimoncoin this will prompt the arrangement of issues with instalment.

Token Sale


Token Symbol: PIMON

Soft Cap: 250,000,000 PIMON

Hard Cap: 350,000,000 PIMON


Total Supply: 500,000,000

Token Decimal: 8

Contract Address: 0XBF72E6157AE27C203C88E668361760A7DAC6CF88

Acceptable Currency : BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH

Token Sale Proceeds

Founders bonus 1%

Legal Issue Fixing 5%

Investments 70%

Listing on exchangers 2%

Developers and Team Bonus 2%

Investors Bonus 5%

Pr and Marketing 5%

Operational cost 10%

Token Distribution

Crowd Sale Offering 70%

Bonus 1%

Team members 10%

Project Management 19%


May 2019 The Presale Begins.

16 May 2019 Ico Round 1

31 May 2019 Ico Round 2

June 2019 Ico Round

September 3 2019 Register for Large Exchange

September 2019 Register at Coinmarketcap

December 2019 Loan Platform

January 2020

February 2020 5 Escrow Site

February 2020 Launch of

February 2020 Pimon Investment Platform Pimoncoin

Meet The Amazing Team

Mitchel Moluno – CEO

Bright Okay – CTO

Akporherhe Naomi – Media Representative and Project Manager

Pureheart Moluno – Senior developer

Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

For more information, please visit:

Website: https://pimoncoin.com/

Whitepaper: https://pimoncoin.com/admin_images/ZMM7VFD0JS.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/pimoncoin

Facebook: https://fb.com/pimoncoin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pimoncoin

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