What is Pimoncoin for ?
PIMONCOIN is a token, based on the Ethereum Blockchain for Payments and Investments.
It also allows its owners to invest their funds by lending, in the foreign exchange market, transport sector, mineral resources, food products, real estates , to buy and sell at lightening speed.
What makes PIMONCOIN different is that it has value tie to real life assets, Users would be also able to get funds as dividend from these investments.
Investing in PIMONCOIN not only puts you among the first adoptors of cryptocurrencies You also gain by investing, You make more than 100% of your investment by the time the ico ends, You have the opportunity of investing your funds also in the lending platform after the ico, You can withdraw your funds immediately when ico ends and Unsold coins would be giving as dividend to investors.
Bonuses are also included during the Ico to those who purchase above $500 gets 10% off their Funds back in Ethereum wallet.
Investment in crypto currencies especially in 2018 was on the overall not profitable. Most investors lost funds. Pimoncoin team were also affected by the bearish crypto market in 2018 in that they invested in other crypto projects before they came up with the idea to create pimoncoin. So the idea to create pimoncoin was born out of the desire to end incessant loss of investment fund in crypto currency. Pimoncoin dividend is the profits shared to it’s shareholders (pimoncoin holders) from the investments made with shareholders fund. Pimoncoin success is not tied to crypto market price movement and manipulation. What makes PIMON COIN unique is that it is investing shareholders money into profitable ventures.
Pimoncoin funds will be invested in sectors which accrues profit on a daily basis. Such as Transport sector, food products, real estate to mention a few. With this in place, pimoncoin investors are sure to make profits which will be paid as Ethereum to their wallets. With this in place, pimoncoin investors are assured of monthly profits generated from its investments. What pimoncoin investors have to do is to buy pimoncoin and hold on their wallet. All wallets with which pimoncoin is bought will be registered on our database for prompt monthly payment of dividends. Pimoncoin is the future of investment and coin which makes investors happy.
We bring you to the future, The Pimoncoin Eco system intends to bring a Lasting Solution to the Payment System in the Blockchain Industry, Were you can send Funds anonymously without a wallet address to anyone, with your secret key and Redemption Pin that’s only how your Payee can receive the Funds instantly.
With this Pimoncoin Redemption system which will create a room for Risk Free Payment Solution. You can send extremely large funds with absolutely No Limitations or Fear of Paying to a wrong Address.
Over the years we have had issues of Paying to a wrong Address due to Clipboard Error, Malware or Trojans in our system, but with this pimoncoin Eco system it will bring a solution to this Payment issues.
Pimoncoin will be Distributed based on Ethereum Network. Its compatible with all ERC-20 Wallet and provides easy integration.
Token Name > Pimoncoin
Token Decimal > 8
Soft Cap > 250,000,000 PIMON
Contract Address > 0xBF72e6157AE27C203C88E668361760A7dAc6Cf88
Format > ERC-20 Compliant
Token Symbol > PIMON
Total Supply > 500,000,000
Hard Cap > 350,000,000
Token Platform > Ethereum Blockchain
Acceptable currencies > ETH, BTC, XRP, LTC, BCH
  • May 2019
Presale Begins.
  • May 16 2019
Ico Round 1
  • May 31 2019
Ico Round 2
  • June 2019
Ico Round 3
  • September 2019
Listing on Major Exchangers
  • September 2019
Listing on Coinmarketcap
  • December 2019
Lending Platform
  • January 2020
  • Febuary 2020
5 Escrow Sites
  • Febuary 2020
Pimon Investment Platform Launch
  • February 2020
Pimoncoin Ecosystem
Our team involves qualified individuals who has firmly been cooperating throughout the years, achieving colossal objectives in feature of crypto industry, for years of persistence, hard work, and dedication, no task has been insurmountable for us to unravel. This diverse talents converge to create pimoncoin. Perceiving the level of our expertise, our mission is to lead this project to a more prominent level in the industry.
  • Mitchel Moluno
  • Bright Oke
  • Akporherhe Naomi
Media Representative and Project Manager
  • Pureheart Moluno
Senior Developer
TELEGRAM BOUNTY > https://t.me/pimonbounty

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