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There are multiple platforms that have emerged to facilitate the entrepreneurs to generate revenue and access tokens for their projects. Understand the whole concept of tokens and cryptocurrencies takes a considerable amount of knowledge and expertise. This results in the low level of sales for certain projects that require a good understanding. To bridge this gap, Pitch Investors Live project provides a platform for emerging entrepreneurs to present to experts, in front of an audience. The aim of the platform is to highlight the work of great projects and easily comprehensible by non-technical people as well.


Pitch is Decentralized technology to improves and become accepted. Entrepreneurs can seek a new ways to getting their idea becomes real. Pitch Application Provides a new way for startups gain a capital so they can achieve their great potential. Entrepreneurs can quickly launch a token sales and sell a token via pitches live video. So pitch like a market which connects entrepreneurs. bussines expert, live audience and investors, Pitch wants to be the future of token sales for the project.


The platform is similar to TV shows such as Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den, The Profit etc. The difference is that, these platforms provide visibility to a very few and niche entrepreneurs which may not be easily accessible to others. The Pitch platform eliminates this issue by its operational platform that connects entrepreneurs and investors by live video in the same way as the TV shows. The Pitch is performed for the blockchain tokens and not for a portion of the company. The platform can be accessed via iOS app, and eventually from the web and Android devices.
With the platform, entrepreneurs can create their own pitch summaries, and interact with the interested users. They get notified when the user wants to connect with the entrepreneur and they both go online. Interested users can also choose to learn about the projects that they are interested in.


1. Entrepreneurs/Startups their project information to Pitch.
2. Investors Select project which attracts them.
3. Audience and investors watch startups explanation directly.
4. Audience and investors can buy token from the projects.


The pitch tokens function under ERC-20 and denoted by the symbol PITCH. The team has created a total of 1,618,000,000 (1.618 billion) ERC-20 tokens for the purpose of token sale. The tokens will be available for a 20% discount from the initial supply.


PreSale Start: 2018/02/01
Token Type: ERC-20
Symbol: PITCH
Supply Amount: 1.618.000.000 (1.618 billion)
Decimal: 9
Sale before token sale: 5% of initial inventory worth $ 20 million.
Sales Token: 20% of initial inventory.
Payment Received: Ethereal, BTC, USD



To purchase PITCH during token sales, participants will send ETH to our token sales contract address, which will be displayed on our landing page and we will immediately send the ERC-20 token to the same address that sent ETH. Participants will be invited to purchase tokens only after we review and receive their identities. We will offer 20% of a limited number of tokens through a series of eight (8) rounds, each offering the same number of tokens. Each round will have a fixed price higher than the previous round. When the tokens available for the first round are all sold, the second round will start and so on until all tokens are sold.


Pitch’s team includes Matthew Lally (Founder and Visionary), an entrepreneur who has been in the tech space since early 2007. He has patented applications in augmented reality cited by Google and others, and he sold his first company as the largest shareholder after 18 months at a dollar value of $13 million. Lally was also an early adopter of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and has created a number of iOS and Android apps and web apps.
Other key members of the team include Jonathan Foltz (Co-Founder and Visionary), who owns an international marketing agency called Digital Age Business that has worked with some of the largest brands in the world.


Link Important Information About PITCH

Website: https://tokens.pitch.ventures/
Whitepaper: https://tokens.pitch.ventures/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/PITCH-A-Live-Video-Token-Sale-Platform.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2916020
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pitchliveapp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PitchInvestorsLive/
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/H_O0exBHeyx10zXwcYkDEQ
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pitchinvestorslive/

Thank you for reading my review of The PITCH. See you in my next review.

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