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Although relatively new in the industry, Liberdy has managed to climb onto the stage with a storm. Its ability to create a new digital advertising economy, and that promotes justice for everyone involved, is spectacular to say the least. By developing a strong and efficient trading platform for data management, the company aims to reward users for their personal data information.
The Biggest Obstacle In The Industry
As we all realize, the advertising industry has shifted to digital concepts. Changes in direction and infrastructure have been gradual over the years. In the last two years, statistics show rapid data generation growth. The total amount of available data has touched the highest point of 90 percent. If that’s mind-blowing, remember that similar growth will still happen over the next few years.
We are all aware of the fact that no one plays an important role in the success of marketing operations. While many business entities can maintain and exploit change, this number is no different than Google and Facebook. These two giant technology companies have long dominated the industry. Not only dominate the data management industry, it also controls the market.
However, what do we get in return? As a data creator, our contribution does not seem to be seen as an integral part of the equation, putting us in an unfavorable position. As they continue to increase and make a profit with our business assets, we get nothing out of it.
Solutions Offered by Liberdy
The source of this problem is that there is no key player in the industry that sees our data as a commodity. To solve this problem, the company has built a brilliant solution. Liberdy has developed a decentralized ad supported by the latest technology, Blockchain. Using the intelligent Ethereum contract and the ERC20-compliant token to support the entire process, this solution offers more than just meets the eye.
The Liberdy platform was created specifically to change the way industry sees data in equations. The Company also aims to give users the opportunity to be compensated for the contribution of their data. The platform, using the convenience of applications to operate, is specifically designed to address the following key challenges:
Inaccurate Data
While this may not be a big problem for users in general, inappropriateness is detrimental to advertisers. Liberdy offers a plaform that not only provides a lot of data for a fee, but also ensures its accuracy. Any data collected is not only stored in the system, but will also undergo a series of verification processes. The result is nothing but reliable data that credibility and accuracy are second to none.
Data as Commodities
The owner of the data is harmed for one reason. The personal data they produce is never considered a commodity. Thus, users can not be considered as part of this industrial ecosystem. Liberdy and his platform changed that. By being seen as a commodity, users can now benefit from the ownership of their data. Take back control of your data, and visit for more information.
Liberdy Team
Kobi Ram, CEO
Itsu Tamam, CTO
Dig Rosen, CMO
Anton Suslonov, Economist
Dr. Anna Becker, Chief Scientist
Ido Ottolenghi, Community Manager
Nir Shimoni, Community Manager
Maria Timonina, Community Manager
Sami Awad, Community Manager
Tal Gokhberg, Software Development
Snir Hassin, President Director
Iri Zohar, Counselor
Ram Avissar, Counselor
For details on Team Member description please check: Website or Join Telegram to communicate with team #LIB!
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