Platform Catex

Platform Catex

Platform that gives users the ability to trade (buy / sell) cryptocurrency

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Goodnight Crypto Currency Lovers Recently, people who were interested in Krypto heard their names. Because they offer investors a favorable return. We can say that investors are encouraged to exchange agreements with lower commissions and encourage investors to pay dividends.

There is transparent trade between the Catex stock exchange targets. Regardless of whether there is volume on most stock exchanges or on board for pumping purposes, the list will be executed in accordance with the exchange management decision. The Catex stock market is primarily intended to listen to its investors. Catex is ready to provide all types of support when investors want to move.

Catex is an exchange with many differences in its ecosystem. Its existence is intended to end the problem of exchange and therefore has the perfect component to make it happen. It’s normal that almost all numbers in Ledger technology, like replicas that exist, aren’t really unique, but contribute to the problem. This project, on the other hand, emerged as a project that had never been made or tasted before. It has features to show and adjust market conditions and how it affects investors during their trading. As a cryptocurrency exchange there are so many stocks for investors, and how tokens are traded on all volumes in the safest environment.

Mining as one of the main processes in a blockbuster system is not taken lightly by this project. In this way, users can benefit from mining and know what they need to know about the process. Because the level of mining is also deemed necessary, it determines the level of mining of the user, determines the conditions needed for the process, and ensures that the benefits are mostly sustainable. It also includes provisions for other companies that damage their ecosystem and ensure that users see the user mining level when they enter their respective accounts.


  1. High maintenance costs for mining equipment.
  2. Pollution, because energy is widely used
  3. High transaction fees / trading costs on other stock exchanges
  4. Lack of efficiency in mining due to the activities of the development team
  5. Lack of transparency in some exchanges
  6. Inadequate security measures
  7. Lack of appropriate incentives to promote users of the platform.
  8. Price fluctuations: This is a big problem in some vague exchanges, because chip prices are never stable there and investors lose money.


  1. CATEX conducts trading and mining activities: this means that users on the same platform can trade on other cryptocurrency and trade mines or CATTs.
  2. CATEX gives something back to users: When traded on exchanges and fees are paid, CATT is generated by mining and issued as a bonus to traders who trade other digital currencies on the exchange.
  3. Unlike other platforms, the most important decisions on the platform are made by the community. It also promotes participation in the platform. For this purpose, several social media channels are prepared, where community voices are heard and can be considered by the team.
  4. On the other hand, to promote mining in CATEX, a bonus of up to 5% of mining costs will be replaced by the user, depending on the number of CATTs that the user has per time.
    5.CAT Exchange has investor interest. Therefore, he pays up to 90% of the total dividends paid to investors. What should be appreciated? Only 10% of the dividends are left for the stock market. This is one of CATEX’s unique features not found in cryptoworld.
  5. Price Stability: To control coin prices and maintain stability, CATEX has launched a repurchase program in which CATT was bought back by the team and stored in a special wallet if needed. The key time introduced by CATEX is also a strategy for adding token values.
  6. Because dividend holders are paid according to the number of tokens they have blocked, and many owners want to receive more prizes, so they block a large number of tokens, significantly reducing the amount remaining from CATT tokens.

The Catex platform is a user-friendly trading platform established in August 2018 with the aim of eliminating all user problems and problems. The Catex platform is one of the best examples of crypto-exchange exchanges in the block chain field.

90% of crypto wallets are simple platforms with almost identical infrastructure, almost identical copies, with which you can buy the majority of Bitcoin coins and several subcoins. The Catex platform is very different in terms of usage and operation of its competitors. If we look at the features of the Catex platform from other exchanges on the market;

  • Catex Exchange has launched a switch where the commission is deducted when the user trades a certain percentage bonus as a coin. In this way, 80% of the commission is distributed to users who have Catt coins based on the transaction level or their coin level. The 7-15-30 and 60 day periods hold a Catt coin or lock Corsx Borsasının’s earnings from stock income and bonus bonus coins.
  • All important Catex exchange decisions are presented to the current user community and are accepted based on their comments. Catex’s management is only responsible for the main operations related to the platform, marketing operations, and some major management issues. As you can see, the Catex platform differs from many crypto wallets, in terms of management, revenue, and usage.
  • One of the main ways to win on the Catex Stock Exchange is the ability to make money from mining activities. How is mining done and in what proportion? Mining income has certain criteria. The most important thing is mining. Mining level is a value determined by the platform to physically control mining requirements. This is the level of difficulty that is adjusted again every day to maintain the profit stability of mining companies, as well as the blocks we know from other mountain coins. After logging into your personal account on the Catex Stock Exchange, you can see your personal mining prices.
  • Finally, the Catex Exchange lists 2 tokens per week, based on the user’s vote. In many ways, Catex has distinguished its competitors and made a difference in the brand list.

If we look at the Catex platform development team, we can say that the team consists of experienced people who can express themselves well. The staff of this team has shown that their vision is broad and far-sighted. That’s why they are praised.

For traders who want to trade on Catex exchanges or invest in Catt coins, Catt sales are currently available at the Catex exchange. You can easily register and invest in the stock market. Thanks to the various features it offers, we can say that many users will be interested in exchanging Catex shares, which will facilitate the investment phase and make the future very bright. But this view is my personal opinion and only connects me. I will ask you to act with your free will and not treat the information provided here as investment advice that gives you a clear advantage.

Meet the core team members for this unusual project.
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