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Marijuana is a diverse culture and people who are human. Marijuana relatives are hops and nettles. Now we are growing almost everywhere. The disadvantages are represented by the chemical composition, which includes:
antibiotics; cannabidiolic acid, 400 chemicals.
The use of grass is represented by its use in small doses for medicinal purposes, and danger – for general use as a means of recreation. The use of marijuana in ancient Indian medicine, where marijuana has been used as an anesthetic, anticonvulsant, antiemetic.
Marijuana, known as marijuana, is a psychoactive drug from cannabis plants used for medical or recreational use. The main part of the psychoactive cannabis plant is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is one of 483 known plant compounds. According to studies and experiences shared by people who use THC, it produces some side effects such as physical or mental (this may include anxiety, impaired motor skills, feelings of height or tenderness, euphoria, etc. One of the most common side effects of marijuana rather than feeling high or stoned is addictive.
Addiction to marijuana is the result of feeling stoned or given high. This has made marijuana known for giving it a bad reputation. People ignore other uses of marijuana (especially medical) and do not want to appear related to it or its accessories. It has been found that some countries legalize marijuana use in 2018.
Jibbit has created an ecosystem to connect cannabis communities around the world (200m +) with Crypto World. The world that really exists in the marijuana market is completely independent of the financial system and its implications. Using blockchain technology, he has clearly demonstrated the benefits of this revolutionary crypto-community movement and how we can make the world a better place. Being here today to make the Crypto world accessible to the masses. Give strength to people.
We both know that cannabis has a bad public image, so other users, users who use plants as medicine, are afraid to make contacts in this area and remain anonymous as possible
The introduction of jibbit online doctor talk time is also planned through applications, tablets or PC. This allows patients to openly describe their symptoms and more easily express their desire to use marijuana drugs to doctors. Drug delivery is done through a pharmacy delivery service directly to your home and thus the fear of recognition as a consumer of marijuana when taking at the pharmacy is a thing of the past. Inhibition of patients from medicinal marijuana use can be significantly reduced.
These days there are various shopping centers for electronic equipment, books, and many more items. Even so, there is no answer to the marijuana market, which joins many shops and stores on the stage and offers the possibility of paying with cryptography in the form of money. The tactile exchange information that arises from requests for hemp goods is a problem for some customers. Because of the huge improvements that are sought for marijuana and accessories, there is a bottleneck at a unique web store in expansion, with the result that you have to find alternative supply sources.
The Jibbit ecosystem allows and promotes payments with cryptocurrency
Digital doctor consultation hours and pharmacist delivery provide patients with the necessary anonymity
Blockchain transparency means only confirmed purchases that have financial value
Our portal only allows authorized distributors with controlled marijuana cultivation.
The Jibbit Marketplace platform enhances the choice and availability of clients worldwide
This project is working on several software solutions for marijuana withdrawal to international markets in three main areas:
  • Marketplace trading platform Jibbit.
  • Jibbit Runner marijuana delivery service.
  • JibbitDoc medical sector.
The main function used by Jibbit is Blockchain technology. Payment in this platform is transparent, anonymous and safe for all users. Blockchain technology conducts operations using crypto currencies and provides a platform for intellectual contracts. Payments in the Jibbit network occur without bank participation.
Ground trading Jibbit Runner – delivery service for TGK – as easy as ordering rolls or pizza. In the future, Jibbit Runner will be designed to make transportation of marijuana products as simple as possible. This can only be accepted in the country where the law allows its use and sale.
JibbitDoc must form an interface between patients, doctors and pharmacies. In the initial stages, this sector will be available in Germany. Using blockchain technology will solve the problem with recipe counterfeiting. The prescription issued by the doctor is stored on the blockchain. Patients, go to the pharmacy, can buy marijuana by prescription with a QR code or use a JibbitDoc card.
For many people, marijuana is more than just a stimulant or drug, this is medicine.
This ecosystem allows you to pay for marijuana with the help of the Jibbit token, which gives certain discounts when buying items. There will be a reduction in transaction costs, instant payment processing, and therefore, a reduction in order delivery time.
Information Tokens:
  • Token Name: Jibbit
  • Token Symbol: JIB
  • Sign Type: Utility Token
  • Platform Token: Ethereum
  • Total emissions: 700,000,000
  • Token for sale: 420,000,000
  • Price per Jibbit Token: $ 0.05 USD
  • Softcap: $ 1,000,000 USD
  • Hardcap: $ 18,000,000 USD
  • Private Sales 01. June 2018-30 July 2018
  • Pre Sale 01.July 2018-31. July 2018
  • Main Sales August 01, 2018-31 August 2018

Allocation Sales Continue 

35% Marketing
35% Development

10% Exchange & Banking

10% Cannabis Investment Industry
6% Buyback & Backup
4% Law & Admin



This project can be very successful because of the uniqueness of the platform. And to be able to know the progress of the JIBBIT project please visit the following link:

Website :
Whitepaper :

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