Platform of the future payment platform.

The idea for Dineroone comes from our own needs. We know many business owners who work with cash every day. We personally have such a business and we all share the common problems described in this document. In working with cash, we all use computers where software is used to charge product fees and issue invoices, but we also use drawers to keep cash.

The amount of money in a cash drawer almost never matches the amount indicated in the software.

Businesses must offer such payment methods through solutions that must be secure, fast, easy to use and will respect local cash flow laws with their operations and capabilities.

By building a Dineroone drawer / cash platform / leap as a product, a highly prospective and rich new industry (€ 45 billion) will be created that will surely ensure profit for investors and its founders.

Businesses will generate additional revenue and solve a number of issues, and enable and simplify new payment methods and transfer money to their (customer) users.




Even with all the digitization that is currently happening in the world of small payment solutions, money still seems to be the most preferred choice of barter today. However, with an ever-increasing interest in the emergency crypto domain, there is an increasing demand for the creation of small payment media that allows us to leverage BTC, ET and other altcoins for everyday trading purposes.

Dinero One aims to serve as a “block-based multibased money-based platform” that will help businesses solve their money flow problems. Despite the use of this network, customers will be able to gain access to “ease of learning, safe, and fast costs” through the use of various emergency cryptoes. At this point, it should also be mentioned that Dinero will be able to be used for transition owners, as well as customers.



  • Payment with Crypto – Dineroone will be a Cryptocurrency payment Enabler in the real world. we can pay for coffee or croissants with digital currency in a very simple and safe way.
  • Automatic money calculations – for a moment we forget to count or worry about the money we have. and let us focus on what matters most in our business to make a profit
  • Dineroone will automatically calculate the money and report it to the asset owner in realtime as well.
  • ATMs are everywhere-let’s start saving time by redeeming Cryptocurrency assets that we have with cash easily. with coverage of existing self-contained Automatic Tactics. will directly transform our environment into a place of exchange by creating a variety of Crypto ATMs with self-access.




Now PC, Cash Register, Point Of Sales devices and invoice systems in one device just plug your Dineroone. stop for excessive worry and start creating additional income.



Investors in the DineroOne project are entitled to a 30% shareholding in the company that will sell DIneroOne’s devices and services. Earn dividends from every credit card and crypto transaction and earn profits from DineroOne sales

Say goodbye to a complex system of payments. with one-touch DineroOne only. in the payment process at a local grocery store or shop that supports DIneroOne. by using our Smartphone. Credit Card or our Cryptocurrency Wallet. Crypto exchange for cash and vice versa in just seconds. Improve ease in business

Complete the cash calculations and the differences in our everyday problems. and get realtime notifications wherever we are. with All-in-One solutions offered by DenaroOne. Offer a new service and get more profit from any Cryptocurrency payment or exchange.



Every investor in this project will get a number of DINERO tokens (DIN) in accordance with the amount of his investment. and subsequent to success with Dinero’s sales program will be listed under the relevant securities to enable Dinero token trading (DIN). The DIN token itself is an Equity token that will allow investors to receive a constant stream of revenue generated by the transaction in the form of DINERO. Payment of token transactions to be shared once a month. and to continue to increase demand, and in the long run continue to increase in price and thus will directly create added value for Dinaro investors.

Investors in this Project become shareholders of a new model company that will continue to produce and sell existing shares on DineroOne’s versatile cash platform. 30% of the annual profit generated by the sale of cash drawer / multipurpose cash platform Dineroone, crypto transactions and credit card owned by the investor (token holder DIN). Profit sharing will take place once a year. for the previous year in the form of transaction token as transaction payment.

The biggest investor of a particular market has the right to be the exclusive importer, the distributor for the market on which they are located. if they wish to do so and in accordance with the agreed upon agreement. for example there are three investors from Sweden who have invested in this project, Investor A invests as much as 1EUR, Investor B invests 2 EUR and investor C invests 3 EUR, with the above scheme clear Investor C has Exclusive rights as distributor in Swedish zone . but if Investor C is not interested then the exclusive rights will fall to Investor B, but if Investor B is not interested this will also fall to Investor A, but if Investor A also not interested in the Exclusive Rights offer. the DineroOne team will find Investors through Crowdfunding to become one of the investors in their country.



  • Investor at Dinero one project is entitled to a 30% interest in the company that will sell one device and service to Dinero.
  • Get dividends from every credit card and cryptographic transaction and earn a profit from one Dinero sale!
  • Hassle Free Payment, One Touch at a Time
  • Pay at a local grocery store or Dinero one store using your smartphone, credit card or your crypto-cardiard purse!
  • Exchange crypto for cash and vice versa in seconds.



  • Complete your daily cash and difference calculations and get real-time notifications wherever you are, with our all-in-one solution!
  • Offer a new service and get more out of every cryptocurrency payment or exchange.



As is clear now, Dinero Token (abbreviated DIN) will be used for all small internal payment needs. This is a compatible ERC20, and in it there will be a total of 350 1000000 DIN token that will be distributed to the public through crowdsale.

All DIN products can be done through the use of BTC, and the distribution of tokens will be maintained in the following ways:

297.5 1000000 (which serves up to 85%) of the total amount of the country’s currency has been set aside for public spending and expenditure.

  • 17.5 1000000 (5%) of all tokens will be reserved for future growth of the company, and also for the establishment of an exchange partnership.
  • 10.5 1000000 (3%) will be used exclusively by core team members.

Another 7 1000000 (2%) have been provided for this project advisor.

The remaining 5% will be used for prize making program.



DeniroOne will also conduct a token sales program which will be implemented on 01 March 2010 2018 until 11 April 2018 with details of sales program as follows

Token Name: DineroONE

Symbol Token: DNRO

Token standardization: ERC20

Total Supply tokens: 350,000,000 tokens, and unsold tokens will be rolled out after the Crowdsale program

Token distribution: done after the crowdsale program

Exchange Rate: 1 DIN = 0.153 EUR

Crowdsale payment instrument: ETH and BTC

Softcap = 18 Billion EURO

Hardcap = 45 Billion EURO

After the launch of Token crowdsale, stocks and other investments can be made for a period of 6 weeks.



In accordance with the whitepaper, currencies raised through ICO will be used in the following manner:

53% of revenue will be used for manufacturing the product line.

10.8% will be used for advertising and advertising purposes (to increase Dinero visibility to international audiences).

29% of the currency will be used to encourage the research and development of additional features.

The rest 7.2% will be used to pay employee salaries, as well as cover for admin fees and classic ethereum hosting servers.



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