Platform to make simple to Access Cryptocurrencies

ALCEDO project desire to provide clients simply to access cryptocurrencies. You will find many chances to by cryptocurrencies in online platforms, even against payment using conventional monies with bank and credit card transactions. It’s consuming tons of invaluable time and disclosure of all personal data. However, ALCEDO-platform and together with all the ALCEDO-Coin give you a remedy to these issues. The ALCEDO-Platform supply a smooth and translucent of payment to get cash or currency trades and supports most of the significant cryptocurrencies.


ALCEDO-Cards are designed for the very first time using a built-in NFC processor and will be used in our ALCEDO-ATMs and also our POS-Terminals. This permits clients to efficiently buy or sell cryptocurrencies. No long and awkward enrollment procedures on foreign exchange exchanges are essential. We operate only and completely out of Germany.

Our Edition 1 ALCEDO-Card is limited to 1000 cards, personalized and can be sent totally free (worldwide) with the purchase of 10,000 ALCEDO-Coins.


The ALCEDO-Wallet drastically simplifies the handling of cryptocurrencies on the smartphone. Very simply, an individual could send or receive various coins. We provide at the beginning Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the ALCEDO-Coin, yet this assortment is going to be always expanded. The Wallet is built to operate seamlessly together with all our crypto machines and also the ALCEDO-Platform. For that exchange of Euro from cryptocurrency, the procedure is virtually indistinguishable for getting coins at your system, i.e. scanning the QR-code and receiving coins.

ALCEDO-Wallet is devised by detecting the maximum safety standards.

After registering and downloading, all users with this wallet get 20 ALCEDO Coins at no charge.

Token ALCE

The ALCEDO-Coin is one of the main components from the ALCEDO project and was created as an ERC-20 Ethereum-based token at the start of the ICO. Naturally, ALCEDO-Coins may be utilized as money as well as their own use from the ALCEDO-Ecosystem. We’ll launch the ALCEDO-Coin at Q4 2019.

This token will be transferred in the class of evolution to a distinct blockchain, with exactly the exact range of coins and existing ALCE ERC20 tokens are exchanged in a rate of 1:1.

Our customers can take advantage of significantly decreased fees through the use of our ALCEDO-Ecosystem. To hasten the supply and so the flow of ALCEDO-Coins, the utilization of the platform via ALCEDO-Coins is significantly more beneficial. Nevertheless, every consumer is free to choose by which cryptocurrency he would like to pay for fees.

Details ICO

Token: ALCEDO-Token

Total ALCEDO-Token: 100,000,000 ALCE

Hard-Cap: 40,000,000 ALCE

Project-Protocol: first ERC20-Token

Crowd-Sale: Dec 01, 2018

Means of Payment: BTC, ETH, PayPal

Details Information:

Profile Bitcointalk:;u=1097601

ETH : 0x3B9f52E05D2EB608956EC1a069F46963587Fd6d6


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