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Cryptocurrency industry is still in its earliest stages period as it includes numerous online procedures and installments. PlayBunk brings forth a unique concept for the online gaming community by combining the benefits of a blockchain community where transactions would be secured by cryptocurrency tokens. This is proposed as a decentralized platform for distribution of digital games. It would empower the community of video game developers in different ways. PC games, as well as blockchain based games, can be brought together on this common platform. The platform would provide several features that would be beneficial for the gaming community for distributing games, developing new game ideas as well as using this platform to collaborate as well as network in this sphere.

Features of PlayBunk
The features of PlayBunk as a game distribution, the digital form is several:
Here developers of PC games as well as games for the blockchain platform would find useful tools.
They can access relevant content to a wide range and not worry about the costs of using such resources once one is part of the platform and has signed up for its services.
Games would be made available to the gaming enthusiasts as well on this framework. Developers, as well as players, would have access to different content and networks as per their interests.
This platform would help promote tools by which games for the blockchain platform can be developed.
There would be diverse games to check out as well as a marketplace for selling or trading in games for the developers.
There would be tournaments held as well, which would be lucrative for gaming enthusiasts as well as for developers. While gamers get to access unique games on this platform, there would be competitive tournaments to participate as well.
Publishers, as well as developers, will be able to enjoy creative freedom. The Creator’s Lounge is a unique space being created to aid these communities to leverage their games, promote the same and use developer tools to work on games for the blockchain platform.
The system would facilitate transactions on the site through the Bunk utility token. This is an ERC 20 compatible token that can be adopted in blockchain game platforms as well as for the users of this community to transact with each other. It would also be a form of award for winners in tournaments as well as for purchasing games on this platform.

Token Details
Symbol: BUNK
Total Supply: 888,000,000


  • Pre-Sale
    Start date: 26th March, 2018
    End date: 15th April, 2018
    Bonus: 25%
    Price: 1 BUNK = 0.00048 ETH
  • Sale
    Start date: 16th April, 2018
    End date: 30th May, 2018
    Bonus: 15% ends on 15th May 2018
    Price: 1 BUNK = 0.00048 ETH

Token Distribution
Token Sale – 40%
Advisors & Strategic Partnerships – 25%
Long-term Reserve – 20%
Team & Investors – 10%
Reward & Bounty – 5%

Funds Allocation
Marketing & Business Dev. – 40%
Development – 34%
Partnerships – 20%
General & Administration – 4%
Legal & Accounting – 2%


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