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PlayBunk delivers a one of a kind idea for the internet gaming group by joining the advantages of a blockchain group where exchanges would be secured by digital currency tokens. This is proposed as a decentralized stage for dissemination of advanced diversions. It would enable the group of computer game designers in various ways. PC recreations, and additionally blockchain based amusements, can be united on this basic stage. The stage would give a few highlights that would be advantageous for the gaming group for disseminating diversions, growing new amusement thoughts and additionally utilizing this stage to team up and in addition organize in this circle.

Highlights of PlayBunk

The highlights of PlayBunk as a diversion appropriation, the computerized frame is a few:

Here engineers of PC recreations and additionally diversions for the blockchain stage would discover helpful apparatuses.

They can get to pertinent substance to a wide range and not stress over the expenses of utilizing such assets once one is a piece of the stage and has agreed to accept its administrations.

Amusements would be made accessible to the gaming devotees also on this structure. Designers, and in addition players, would approach distinctive substance and systems according to their interests.

This stage would help advance apparatuses by which amusements for the blockchain stage can be created.

There would be assorted amusements to look at and additionally a commercial center for offering or exchanging diversions for the engineers.

There would be competitions held too, which would be lucrative for gaming fans and additionally for designers. While gamers get the chance to get to remarkable diversions on this stage, there would be focused competitions to partake also.

Distributers, and also designers, will have the capacity to appreciate innovative flexibility. The Creator’s Lounge is a remarkable space being made to help these groups to use their diversions, advance the same and utilize engineer devices to deal with amusements for the blockchain stage.

The framework would encourage exchanges on the site through the Bunk utility token. This is an ERC 20 perfect token that can be embraced in blockchain amusement stages and for the clients of this group to execute with each other. It would likewise be a type of honor for victors in competitions and additionally to purchase recreations on this stage.

BUNK Token Utility

Any diversion can be purchased utilizing BUNK tokens

BUNK tokens can likewise be gained by players in-amusement

Tokens gained in one amusement can in any case be utilized as a part of another, as long as the two diversions are on PlayBunk

For this to work, engineers will utilize BUNK tokens as the cash for their titles’ in-diversion exchanges

Installment for amusement makers using Creator’s Lounge will likewise utilize BUNK

PlayBunk competitions will remunerate players with tokens at whatever point they win in various rivalries

Would it be advisable for you to put resources into PlayBunk?

This is a specific model being proposed for the gaming group, both for designers and in addition players. With the expanded notoriety of the blockchain stage, there is little ponder that a model intended for advancing computerized and blockchain based diversions would be lucrative. It stays to be perceived how well this stage is executed.

Token Details

NAME: Bunk



TOKEN PRE-SALE: 26.03.2018 – 15.04.2018; +25% bonus tokens

TOKEN SALE: 16.04.2018 to 30.05.2018 (+15% bonus tokens from 16.04.2018 to 15.05.2018)


Token Distribution

Fund Allocation



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