Hi friends, In this article I will give you a project about Playgame.

In the so-called Cold War, the use of computers for the rapid development of the war industry began to be very important. In this period following the transition to the use of computers for various tasks, experiments were also started to enable the computers to be used for entertainment purposes. These experiments have presented us as the first computer game in 1950 with the name of ığ Bertie the Brain “.

The first remarkable revolution in computer games was the 1962, a two-person game about the adventures of two rockets in the space space called ini Spacewar boş and trying to destroy each other with photon torpedoes. It contained. This game has been so popular with programmers that it has attracted so much attention that the first player in history has been formed thanks to the Spacewar game.

Of course, the rapid increase in interest in these games, the development of technology has been developed one after another in the game and the foundations of today’s game industry has been thrown.

55.pngIn the years to come, the Internet quickly opened up a new revolution for the gaming industry. A whole new world for all mankind, the Internet has become rapidly used by half of the world’s population. Now people were playing games with people who had never seen them on the internet, or people in the same team.

Technological progress has not stopped and technology that evolves into smart devices has finally brought a smartphone or tablet in every person’s pocket. People are so attached to this technology that they are under their control that the game industry is now heading in this area and mobile games developed for smart devices are among the most popular activities of our time.

The world of games that made the transition to intelligent technology was most useful to independent game developers (indie games). Independent games that cannot compete with large organizations are able to access the mobile gaming world much more easily and easily access large audiences. Unfortunately, in this case, the game studios which did not last very long and became aware of the rent in the sector, also made a commitment to mobile game world. With the introduction of big capitals, independent game developers found themselves in the middle of unfair competition and high costs, commissions. In addition to these problems, they have also faced situations in which independent developers who are struggling with game distribution and struggling with mistakes in paying their right wages are unable to get out.

2-7.pngThe miş Playgame son project that we are examining today is a block chain project developed as a result of the analysis of the negativities in the sector. The primary purpose of the Playgame project is to enable game developers to finance their projects. In addition to this, the Playgame plaza, which will protect its rights by supporting the developers in terms of piracy and copyrights, will also stop high commissions with its decentralized structure. In particular, it is aimed that independent developers will be able to compete with the major players of the sector by reducing their costs.

People playing the games created on the Playgame platform will have fun and enjoy the opportunity to win crypto money. Users who can buy games with the PXG token from the Playgame platform will also have the opportunity to fold their tokens by entering the tournaments with their PXG tokens. Users will be able to win prizes with PXG token in their games and trade on these crypto stock exchanges.

Developers will have an open source easy-to-use wallet service, receive direct payments without paying any intermediary or carp and will not think of fraud, commission fees, and strengthening crypto coins in the gaming industry.


The total amount of PXT tokens developed on the Ethereum platform for the Playgame platform in the ERC20 standards is 1 billion units, and 600 million of this amount has been put on sale during the ico process. 200 million pieces of token were sold successfully in the pre-sale. The main sales of 400 million tokens will start on September 24th and the price will be 1 ETH = 15000 PXG. Investors can make payments via ETH.

22.pngThe PXG tokens, excluding the amount allocated for sale in the Ico process, are divided into 20% project team, 10% advisors and 10% reserve fund. Investments in the Ico process will be assessed for 40% technology, 30% marketing, 25% partnerships and 5% legal transactions.

I’ve listed the social media accounts of the project for my followers who want to get more detailed information about the project or want to invest in the project while ending the promotion of the Playgame platform which will offer many advantages for the gaming industry, game lovers and game developers. I wish you all the best.



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