The establishment of online commerce invention has been proving to be a wonder among innovations of which irrespective of its defects will still continue to strive. To start counting the achievements of this sector is like reciting poems you have already known because the achievement this sector is evident to all. However, bringing the online-shopping sector into the blockchain world is a good idea, right? But many said it is not possible due to the fact that they only seek to feed there selfish interests and they do not want many to benefit from this great adventure. This is just because the advent of the blockchain technology has bring to light the defects in the present e-commerce industry which has to do with high costs in maintenance, privacy abuse and lack of proper about Cryptocurrency.

The problems are what we will still discourse at the latter end. But before we venture in the the emerging problems in the online commerce, there is a need for us to evaluate the why plaza we all need  plaza to have the best freedom in our various online commerce experiences. The first reason is that,plaza will offer you the best in class experience such of which have not been experienced in all  other existing ventures no matter how big there names might be. The second advantage you will have is  that the team behind the advent of the platform are not novice in this set of operation as they have  spent years in the school of how to what they are set to do.


The rate of buying in the normal world of online-commerce is known to be highly associated with a higher cost than usual. The high cost also affects the manufacturers which seeks to simply place their various resources on the market for sale and as a result of the high cost of doing that it also inturn leads to the increase In the.cost of buying goods by the clients. Furthermore, the transactions.fee is also another big challenge that the members has to face. An estimate has been made concerning the highcost a thing and it was made known that the extra price on all transactions is always up to 20% of all the amont used in purchasing.

The costly-structure of the system also inturn motivates the stakeholders of the various establishments to ask for an higher reward scale prices. The reason being that the various establishments as for expenses stuff’s such as the data.warehouses,employment requirements and the likes.

The payment gateway also add to the highcost of a thing. As a result of that the members or perhaps let’s say we the clients are choked with the-cost of purchasing and most of us often sort out for another means and if there is more other means we just endure because we all believe that a great Invention will come that will benefits everyone.

Finally, the nonchalant attitude of the existing online-commerce invention to the privacy of the members as also pissed some of us off the desired of utilizing the adventures. Therefore, there is need for plaza to provide solutions to the emerging problems. Fortunately, here are the viable solutions.


Firstly, this adventure will offer you and I the best experience and thereby removing all third-parties that makes the cost of buying to be a choking one. With this it is a crystal clear that you and I will have the best experience when we choose this establishment to perform our purchasing adventures.

Secondly, the infrastructure that this adventure possesses will give way for a perfect experience for it members across the globe. The structure is will great setup just to suit the good purpose of this establishment.

This team behind this adventure is here to just simply apply what has been learnt and acquired by them through the years. They have really learnt about the digitalized-system and how it works and they are already an experienced fellows in the field of internet commerce.

The eco-system is wired in a way that the plaza.token will only be used for marketing within the platform. As a result of this the master.plaza token will be the driven force of this adventure. The likes of Bitcoin,Ethereum are not advisable as a result of their unstableness but not an enforcement in that the members can still use them coupled with a plaza.backed dollar (i.e. the PlazaDollars coin (PL$)


The digitalized space is here to make life the easiest for you all of us. Therefore, I can say that the Plaza is one of the inventions that will make this great vision come to reality in the live of many.

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