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After the disasters that has been faced by the world, following the economic depression everywhere, the advent of blockchain-invention starting with the #bitcoin has open the world we are to another revolution of economical management from another point of view. Hence, the people has sighted this invention as the best and are willing to explore at all cost even though it seems that the law makers are not so much in support of it for their own personal reasons but that still doesn’t stop you and I from exploring the this innovative technology.

Furthermore, the online-commererce system is known to be one of the adventures that first experience the goodness of blockchain and the reason being that the system has alot of problems that are limiting the members especially, therefore with the advent of distributed ledger technology all those problems are set to be duly solved. However, the current crypto-world setting don’t really support the online commererce adventure and this is due to the issues am going to share and the solution that Plaza systems has for the issues.

Briefly, am going to be talking on the issues hindering the progress of the blockchain technology.

The first mode of problem is the fact that the distributed ledger technology is complex for the exploration of a normal man who is just new to the system. Therefore, introducing a financial mode or service like the blockchain to a normal man will only make the situation worse for such fellow.

Secondly, in the ledger space, you will notice that to store assets you might be in need of different wallets which is not supposed to be so, the most annoying thing is that the most trading ventures don’t support all resources for the purpose of exchanging. Those people incharge seems not to have come to the reality that the blockchain technology has come to stay. Thus, making crypto difficult to use as a payment method.

The section of mining-service in the ledger space has been taken over by some entities in the digital space and thus making mining available to a few people from among them or perhaps close to them. This makes the circulation of financial prosperity sore. Anyways, you and I just need to be happy because plaza is here for us all. Now let’s check the good solutions of plaza.

 The Plaza Solutions

This is an adventure that has emerged with the core aim to solve the issues ravaging the ledger space, so that it members can enjoy the best bcommerce service by providing a wide array of lifestyle deals online. To introduce this platform, plaza utilizes the goodness of the interface that is user-flexible such that even a lay man can explore the system, by making sure that it is easy to access by everyone for  everyday transactions.

With the provision of the debit card, there will be a swift model of transactions across various establishments on different kinds of trades and platforms. The credit card is to take over the PL$ integration with the the plaza network. The PL$ is to make sure that crypto can be converted to the local currency of every kind. There will also be a superb MINING feature for the members, so that they can enjoy the best mining service even from their home.


To bring this write-up to an end, there is a need to lay emphasizes on the fact that, this venture is here to make life a easy one especially in the world of online commererce, therefore, I would advise we all explore this project because it has a bright future.

I advise all my readers to take there time to kindly read more about this project by checking any of the links that I will dropped below.

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