Plaza aimed at integrating meticulously selected technologies to develop a beta release of the platform for testing and further development. Plaza is able to achieve a balance between making use of the freedom of blockchain protocols with Cryptocurrency payments are delivering a highly responsive, secure and easy-to-use marketplace.

Plaza concentrate on the needs and concerns of people who are used to convenience and security and who have also noticed the intrusion of their digital life by corporations and government. Plaza is the first to incorporate new trending technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) together. The combination of these two technologies helps to deliver convenience, privacy, security and a whole lot of consumer choice and freedom of movement in all-in-one seamless lifestyle solution. At the epicenter of Plaza solution is an AI-aided metasearch that will search the global web pages for the best deals for goods and services, including offers by sellers using Plaza blockchain-based e-commerce platform.

Plaza marketplace offers highly cheaper because making payments with Plaza stable coin (PlazaDollars) requires zero transaction fees unlike paying with fiats. As a Plaza customer whether you are lying on your sofa or you are on a journey, you will be equipped with an array of choice.

The platform offers multiple touch points which includes PlazaCard which is a debit card for everyday payments; a user-friendly mobile application for shopping online on the go; and a discrete home or office-based smart speaker which functions as a personal assistant, Cryptocurrency hardware wallet and mining rig. Unlike speaker of other platforms like Amazon and Apple speakers which is notorious in mining personal information of customer and his buying habits for this corporations, Plaza smart speaker on the other hand will work for customers by maintaining their privacy, safeguarding their private keys and giving a unique opportunity to earn passive income from mining the MerchantChain.

The team of the project is uniquely positioned to bringing to market a next-generation e-commerce platform; a consumer-friendly link between the traditional fiat-based economy and the new Crypto driven economy. Plaza is designed for mass adoption by incorporating several intuitive features such as multiple blockchain protocols, chatbots assisted search engine, decentralized files storage and databases, distributed ledger technology and self-executing smart contracts, PlazaCard and also PlazaConcierge™.

Plaza Ecosystem
Plaza ecosystem is the home to Plaza’s aspiration lifestyle products. It’s created through the intelligence integration of old and emerging technologies. The ecosystem is fueled by dual crypto coins. The reason for this duality is to have a stable coin that is not influenced by the volatility in the Crypto market. PlazaDollar is a stable fiat-backed which be used exclusively for Plaza marketplace transactions. The second coin is the Plaza token (PLAZA) which serves as the driver of the ecosystem.

This token is an ERC20 compliance token on Ethereum blockchain. It can be purchased on the platform or cryptocurrency exchanges after the ICO. Read more about the full featured components of the ecosystem and its participants here. Plaza Platform Plaza platform provides a state-of-the-art lifestyle of freedom which includes:

Ability to conveniently and quickly browse and shop for the best deals across the Internet at anytime and from anywhere.

Artificial intelligence convenience. Privacy, savings and security of Cryptocurrency payments.

The platform achieve all these through the following important points. Every seamless Cryptocurrency transactions you initiate will be through one of these five user-friendly touchpoints which is securely synchronised with your state-of-the-art PlazaWallet upon your second-factor authentication.

Token name: PLAZA

PreICO Price 1 ETH = 7500

PLAZA Price 1ETH = 5000 PLAZA

Bonus Available

Bounty Available MVP/Prototype Available

Platform Ethereum Accepting currency: ETH

Minimum investment 0.25 ETH

Hard cap 100000 ETH

Country Singapore Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist Restricted areas USA, China

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