What is plentix?

Plentix is a blockchain-based project but aims to balance the economy and spread awards to those who include the program to all participants. Merchants, users, friends, even app developers may receive an award in the form of a discount or a Plentix token. Option to propose ICOs that enable communities to participate in the favorable opportunities of global and overall economic referrals.

A decentralized and distributed Blockchain system provides a business and development structure to keep the platform free, at the same time, allowing a large number of developers to build it. Intelligent contract automation to enable plug-and-play programmers easily, with highly supported software enables reduced costs with easy scaling and automation capabilities. Using a distributed infrastructure, Plentix provides programmers and businesses with a collection of APIs and open-source features.

Plentix has chosen blockchain as a technology to create solutions. This technology has a number of inherent benefits that give Plentix a benefit – and let the above questions be solved. The main focus point of Blockchain technology that encourages us to adopt it are:

A decentralized and distributed ledger – providing a safe and secure system for the referees, providing them the confidence that no company can change records or change the existing system within the company.

A decentralized and distributed blockchain system – providing businesses and developers with a structure to keep the platform free while, at the same time, allowing a large number of developers to build it so that the company can survive for many years.


Note immutable, companies can feel secure knowing that no hackers or who will try to remove, steal or compromise their system. In addition, the referees know that their rewards are safe and can not be changed by any company or hacker, so the company will provide a really good system so no hackers can break into the company’s system.

Consensus mechanisms exclude authoritarian firms or centralized controllers, allowing network participants to validate transactions giving way to prove referrals, and clarity for businesses and referees.

The security of advanced cryptographic techniques embedded in technology

Automatic contract contracts run independently, giving referees and referrals confidence to know why, how and when terms of their dealings with the company will be executed.

Automated smart contracts allow businesses to easily install and play supported software, thereby reducing costs with easy scaling and automation capabilities.

How does Plentix work?

You can refer friends using the easy-to-use Plentix interface. Plentix offers the ability to direct users through the media, email or SMS – giving all users an easy and straightforward way to interact.

Referees will receive a discount code that they can buy from a particular business they refer. The amount of discount and amount of time that the referees can use depends on the scheme of each business set in their business admin panel.

The intended person can then use a discount code to purchase the product or service. Discount codes may only be active for a certain period of time depending on the schema assigned by the specific business for the referral, they have the flexibility to change it whenever necessary.

The referrer will receive a gift of token code or digital discount, depending on the business referral scheme, the referrer will receive a commission if the referee uses a discount code and purchases from the business.

The benefits that Plentix offers to its users

Plentix is ​​a platform that gives developers the flexibility and tremendous potential to earn revenue through their development. A developer can use the Plentix API to write their own software modules, either on the platform or through their own 3rd party applications. The on-platform module can be integrated in the Plentix application.

On-platform developers will earn revenue for each customer’s interactions through their development; Programmers can use the Plentix app to display custom plastics panels.

The business administration panel offers different industry-based options where businesses can choose the referral schemes they want to offer users. Referrers can always choose between a Plentix token or a discount at a store or online. Plentix anticipates that the choice will vary for each business, by its nature.

You can control when and how your referrals are shared. As a decentralized platform, everything is done in unblocking – fully automated your landing program using smart contracts – without requiring authority, or controlling business in between.

Access to Tokenized Reference

Every time a business and a customer are connected, every recommendation for a friend, a Plentix token store and a transfer value. Since Plentix is ​​a network platform with a fundamental token that is an asset in the crypto economy, everyone wins: platform success is closely tied to the success of its users, token growth and ecosystem value supported by Platform plentix

Plentix aims to raise approximately $10M in fiat currency. In current rates, that roughly converts to 10,000 ETH. Plentix have also allotted a conversation rate of 1 ETH for 10000 PTNs which brings up circulation and selling of 100 Million PTNs. Plentix supporters and investors will have the option to buy PTNs with Ether at Plentix’s website in pre-ICO and token sale phases and with Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin at major exchanges in future.

Token Name : PTNs
Pre sale bonus : 30%
Pre sale amount : 3,000,000 USD
Crowd sale amount : 7,000,000 USD
Platform : Ethereum
Price 1 ETH = 10000 PTNs
Equity on offer : 60%
Hardcap : 10.000.000 USD
Payment : ETH

Token Distribution
Token Sale – 50%
Advisors And Early Investors – 20%
Company Reserve – 15%
Community Development – 10%
Early Investors & Strategic Partners – 5%

Fund Distribution
Product Dev & Maintenance – 30%
Business Growth & Dev – 25%
Marketing & Customer Dev – 15%
Reserve – 10%
Operations – 15%
Legal – 5%





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