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Everyone is born Independent, but some choose to work for themselves. Is it a mere theory that people have more of a follower’s mentality than a leader’s? I wonder what they teach in leadership classes. Also, I have never heard of follower’s classes. Is It because there is no need to since we are always told what to do rather than being left to do what we think to be true. The leadership qualities in the people are always present and it’s just that they do not choose to see and work on it.
Some work their way upwards to fight and win the battle. Although the battle is lonely, the rewards are pretty high which seem to compensate for the battles fought. Freelancers have found the amazing world of internet as their ultimate saviour but managing clients and working continuously do take effort and time.
Today, freelancers are stuck on the different websites under the realm of nasty clients’ review who wants quality work for zero payment. And, add to that, the intermediaries are earning millions of revenue from the commissions. They have become the master in the freelancer world. Funds are not immediately released to the freelancers and limited channels are available for payment creates the roadblock in the freelancing business.
The biggest roadblock faced by the freelancers on these websites is of unfair dispute resolution. There is no any objectivity left if you do not know what went into the decision making progress and who is the authority. There is an urgent need for a revamped system which should make things easier for the freelancing community as well as the clients and businesses.

What is Plentix?

Plentix is often a blockchain-based project aiming to tokenize the referral economy and spread rewards to all participants. Merchants, users, friends, even app developers may receive awards in is also important . of discounts or Plentix tokens. Picking of looking for an ICO instead of traditional seed and series A funding through investment capital allows for community participation and an opportunity for everyone to take advantage of a global referral economic system.

How Plentix works?

You can refer friends using the easy-to-use Plentix interface. Plentix offers capability to to refer users which not persons in the platform by directing invitations through social media, email or SMSgiving all users an easy and straightforward way to activate. Referees will receive a promo code that they have found that purchase in a particular business they direct. The amount of discount and amount of time that referees can use depends close to scheme every and every business occured their business admin panel. The intended person are able to use a discount code to the merchandise. Discount codes may only be active for about a certain associated with time time determined by the schema assigned from specific business for the referral, they’ve got the flexibility to transform whenever very important. The referrer will are sent a gift of token code or digital discount, counting on the business referral scheme, the referrer will only receive a commission in case the referee the actual discount code and purchases from the.

Why Leverage the Blockchain?

There are a variety of referral style marketing programs, rewards programs and agencies that help businesses (usually large businesses) create and operate referral programs. However, there exist several challengesfrom referral creation, to adherence, to ensuring protected transactionsthat represent key limitations to the present methods. Plentix believe the blockchain allows us to easily address an involving difficult questions for both business along with the refereewhich, when answered enables the referral economy to flourish and provide the PTN token tremendous value.

Plentix Features

1. Decentralized and Automated
The Plentix platform will be based upon blockchain is decentralized platform then so it is a very safe and secure platform. You may already know the platform will enables you to make more benefit to everyone attempting to keep away from extra offenses.

2. Insightful Architecture
The plentix platform along with innovative and unique variety of correction alternatives by that will continuously connect with their CRM and POS frameworks. The platform also encourages the designer to create and design their modules after how the platform will allows the developer belonging to the module developer to incorporate with plentix application. The system also enables creators of modules that include with exchanges to utilize their module has an exchange.

3. Adaptable Reward Options
On the Plentix platform every referrer may get 10% reward in small. When the reward token will get for each referral who make to buying and additionally they get commission on first three orders for merchandise. The reward will be given by system in the shape of plentix tokens. The reward often be change down to business to business, rebates, incorporate tokens or a mixture of of all.

4. Access to Tokenized Referral
The plentix platform advantage in the crypto economy because the working platform is the whole stage having a fundamental token where everybody wins. The platform stage success is concerning token development, client achievements and the estimations is actually controlled your stage of plentix.

The newest architectural solutions.  

All without exception, enterprises of the appropriate level will be able to integrate POS and CRM systems. Developers can create their own modules without limit, and then integrate them seamlessly with the Plentix application. In general, the application is as flexible as possible at the moment.
The referral system provides an opportunity to earn on a long-term basis not small money with the proper approach, given the flexibility of the application and the platform as a whole!


They have asked people to support them in their endeavour to bring change in the market. The ERT Tokens will be sold in the presale and ICO. Their total ERT Token supply depends on the funds invested by the people in the Presale and Main ICO. One ETH is equal to 1000 ERT. 75 % of total coins will be sold in the presale and ICO.
The funds will be invested in the platform development and marketing. People working in the project are experienced in the fields of Blockchain technology and Freelancing. They are freelancers who have been through it and are now ready to bring change.


People believe in the known path rather than unknown especially when a significant amount of money is involved. This works in our everyday decisions whenever we have to decide to buy something. We tend to believe in the people who are original users of the product rather than people who are paid for their lies. This may sound loud but is actually true.

Social media websites have become the next favourite destination for people who see recommendations from their friends and family. Most of the people are influenced by the people who have prior experience. The influencer marketing is trending marketing strategy of the modern world. Word of mouth not only sells but it develops a close relationship and trust among people who are part of the vast network. So, what do you think about the future of the platform?

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