PO8 – ico information

Platform PO8 – ico information

Information ICO

Token: PO8
Platform: Ethereum
Dates Pre-ICO: 04/01/2018 – 05/31/2018
Sales date: 04/02/2018 –
31/07/2018 Type of the token: ERC20
Price of the token: 0.0080000000 USD
Total tokens: 10000000000
Available for sale: 60%
Min . purpose of collection: 10 000 000 USD
Max. purpose of collection: 30 000 000 USD
Currencies: ETH

PO8 is a decentralized platform based on the block system, which unites all the scale of the study of marine archeology. In its work has three technologies with which you can study, register and authenticate found artifacts:

Use of smart contracts. This allows any person to become a participant in the search for and restoration of historical objects in the depths of the oceans and seas and receive a reward for it.Registration of artifacts in the block system, which guarantees the authenticity of the artifact.The presence of a decentralized auction, the foundation PO8 that guarantees the legitimate sale of the found value.
In its words, RO8 allows anyone who wants to create a personal auction for the sale of elite and valuable artifacts, to receive the maximum guaranteed reward. If until recently such events were available only to the elected, now such a procedure is available to any individual who is interested in restoring and searching for world values ​​in the depths of water. To do this, you only need to join a transparent, open, independent platform!
The PO8 platform includes 4 applications: ERC-20 purse, customer application, vendor application and data mining.
Also used are three server parts that comply with all regulatory requirements:PHARS – a system for recording historical artifacts.HOAP and GAAS – a platform for open and public auctions.MADS – a system of marine artifact data.
The goal of PO8 is the restoration and preservation of marine treasures, without violating the ecological integrity of the ocean floor or the sea. The platform system creates many micro tasks at the Ethereum block, accessible to the platform users around the world for collaboration, after which all data is stored in one node. PO8 from numerous sources collects information on the possible location of wrecks, ships, tectonic movements, hurricanes, which allows expedition teams to conduct research more successfully.

PO8 made sure that all those who care for the restoration of cultural heritage received remuneration in the form of sub-markers SILVER, which can then be exchanged for PO8 tokens or used in any DApps platform. The platform is long-term and the PO8 token will grow steadily. there are millions of non-existent artifacts. In addition, the names of the first participants will be presented at the exhibitions. In cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, monuments and museums, the “New World” program in the Bahamas will be created, which will be available for more than 10,000,000 visitors a year! A decentralized auction system will ensure the successful and rapid sale of artifacts. The historical Open Auction Platform (HOAP) – the PO8 system will be open for auction, and all assets will be checked for credibility and belong to the rightful owners. This will avoid any fraud and provide a transparent, open trade in values. Transactions will be carried out using PO8 and SILVER tokens, which will reduce taxes on the transaction.
With access to the world market RO8 closely cooperates with the Department of Maritime Affairs and Labor and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. This allows the platform to have a Shipwreck License, which was not issued to anyone about 18 years. Relations with leading oceanographic institutions around the world, such as Woods Hole (USA) and the University of Salamanca (Spain) are also being established.

The platform operates as a standard auction model, which determines the interaction between sellers and buyers. Transactions will be made using tokens PO8 and SIL, as well as ETH, BTC. PO8 will carefully check all users of the platform to ensure that they are state structures.
Let’s consider the operation principle of the PO8 platform.
To begin with, you need to pass the registration to the user. After that you need to buy at least a few PO8 tokens, which will allow you to take part in promotions and get rewards for participating in the tasks. Bounty tasks are grouped by category. The user will be able to perform two forms of data analysis: automatic (automated tasks by the client application) or interactive (video identification, visual analysis of means, videos). Participants in bounty programs will analyze data sources, taking into account sonar, magnetometer, geographic data, historical records, weather conditions and much more. on the platform will be customers and sellers. The customer has a purse ERC20, on which PO8, SIL tokens are stored, which give an opportunity to participate in auctions and acquire favorite artifacts. The seller in turn has the right to register and sell any historical artifact, having passed registration through HOAP or GAAS for creation of a smart contract for auction. All platform participants receive a reward in SILVER based on their contribution to PO8 tokens. Thanks to the PHARS artifact, once it is registered as genuine, the system ensures that it has a unique signature and is available for any transaction. HOAP and GAAS will handle direct transactions between buyers and sellers, taking into account KYC (Know Your Costumer). The MADS system, in turn, will be the basis for users to search for treasure. MADS collects data from all sources of artifact data. Scientists and experts in their field will manage the system and, using a decentralized network of Ethereum, will set tasks for universal access for PO8 users,

Decentralized system PO8 – this is your chance to experience adventure and become part of the crypto-currency revolution. Plunge into the story of our long-lost past. I believe that this is a very useful platform that will unite all interested parties into one and help the current and future generations discover thousands of riddles hidden on the ocean floor. PO8 is of great importance in historical and geographical terms.

3rd quarter of 2017.
Registered and established Bahamian Corporation. Historical research on the Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas, the first search mission PO8.
4th quarter of 2017
A Shipwreck License is granted by the Government of The Bahamas. Appointment of chief advisers.
1st quarter of 2018
Create a smart contract and a wallet based on PO8 Ethereum. Launch of private and pre-sales.
Second quarter of 2018
Launch of public sales. Listing Exchange. The development of a database of MADS Wallet and Blockchain algorithms; historical data collection of diagrams, tides, hurricanes and other natural phenomena. Dive unmanned vehicles and aircraft to collect information about the day and artifacts.
3rd quarter of 2018
Visual data collection from satellites. Available MADS wallet – beta version. Algorithms available database MADS Blockchain – beta version.
4th quarter of 2018
Presentation of interests to the Bahamian government for commercial disposal.
1st quarter of 2019
Embedded intelligence submersible drones. Creation of rescue teams and divers. Available PHAP, HOAP and GAAS – beta version.
Second quarter of 2019
Continue research into the area of ​​data mining and their adjustment.
3rd quarter of 2019
Continue research into the area of ​​data mining and their adjustment. Creation of rescue teams.

Team PO8

My conclusion : Good team are develop good project . This one is the precious investing opportunity This will be good investment opportunity.

Useful links

website https://po8.io/
bitcointalk [bounty] https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3425027.0
bitcointalk [ANN] https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3494680.0
telegram https: //t.me/joinpo8
twitter https://twitter.com/PO8Coin
facebook https://www.facebook.com/po8tech/

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