Technological developments have produced new devices faster and faster that can meet the needs of all people. The development of this technology mainly concerns computer technology. We can see how the newer, more powerful devices are computer based today. Until the original mobile phone meets the communication needs, the phone can now be used for many things, this computer-based phone then called a smartphone or popularly called a smartphone.

What we mentioned above is the development of technology in physical or hardware form. Computer-based hardware can not stand alone, sophistication is supported by systems in which the system plays a very important role in hardware development, the system is called system software. Both technologies have been put together and then developed a sophisticated device that can support human activity. After creating this sophisticated device, a support program is created that can run inside it.

One of the programs that can be run on a computer-based device is a game program or game program. We can easily run games on a computer or smartphone. Roughly speaking, the game is divided into two types, the first is the offline game and the second is the online game. Offline games means that games can be used on computers or smartphones without having to connect to the Internet. You can do this because all game commands and data are already installed on the computer. While this online game is centered on the server. To do it, it required access to the server via the Internet network.

it can be realized. This is evidenced by the very popular dance-based game app, Avatar Music. This application is widely used in Vietnam and its popularity has now spread to other countries such as Indonesia, USA, Brazil and some other countries.

As a mobile gaming app, Avatar Music is really cool. Users can create their own virtual profile or avatar and become part of a virtual city called the City of Avatar Music. You can customize their profiles with different looks, different clothing options, accessories, head tools and more. Users can even adjust their virtual profiles as close as possible to their real view. With this profile, they can participate in dance competitions that take place in different locations, such as nightclubs, pool parties, to the fitness center in the virtual city. With “Avatar Music” game publisher Teamobi tries to bring the experience of dancing in the real world into the virtual world.

But now a big blockchain-based platform for the fan community has been made available, giving every content creator the same opportunity to step into the limelight and use it. We combine open markets and broad self-promotion opportunities with flexible community development mechanisms, all powered by immersive RPG fun.

PocketCon is a decentralized digital creativity ecosystem and a blockchain-based market


Open blockchain-based markets for all types of digital content

The UGC-based PocketCon market is decentralized and open to all kinds of original digital content – including 3D models, animations, digital images, add-ons for existing games, in-game mini-games, and even special in-game articles. All users can place items on the market and help others find them by assigning categories to categories. Thanks to the Blockchain technology, all transactions in the market are smooth, transparent and immune to cybersecurity. It also allows authors to review their authorship and determine what will eliminate copyright issues that often annoy digital artists on the Internet.


A perfect meeting place for pop culture fans

Platforms are visually arranged as areas with much thematic space that can be devoted to topics of interest. Scroll through the cabin displaying related content; Choose what looks interesting, find out what other users are doing – or place your own content and set up your own space.

You can discuss your favorite topics and talk to artists and other users about public forums, private forums, and chats. Public forums are public walls where all discussions are open to all; Private Forum is a special invitation club.

Hub game and even hub

is a place where users can interact via avatars, present specific virtual objects, and measure themselves. Some new games are added every month. There are already five finishes. Events are again seasonal activities where users can participate in special competitions and interaction variations while enjoying some appealing design variations and advertising opportunities.

Gaia online

Search for the origin of the PocketCon project

Pocketcon is being developed by the Gaia Online Team. Gaia Online is a leading supplier of fan community platforms. This is an avatar forum with games, virtual worlds and virtual economics. about Gaia online

PocketCon is a decentralized digital creativity ecosystem and a blockchain-based market

PocketCon is a pioneer in integrating blockchain technology with a platform for digital content trading. Our 3-year goal is to reach 10 million active users and 2 million transactions per day, equivalent to a daily transaction of approximately $ 50 million.

Token Specifications

Token Name:

Pocket Token Symbol Coins:

Token POC Type: Utilities

Pre-Sales Stage 1 >>>>>> 70 million tokens

Pre-Sales Stage 2 >>>>>> 80 million tokens

First exchange offer >>>> 150 million tokens

Total offer: 1 billion tokens

Soft Cap: $ 3

Hard Cap: $ 25 million

Token exchange rate: 1 POC = 0.10 $

Minimum order: 1 ETH or $ 500

Blocking plan for token POC tokens

34% available for immediate trading.

33% tokens are available for trading after 3 months

33% available for trading after 6 months

PocketCon will release 20% of the company’s profits to be used for buy-back coins from the market with market value.

This creates demand and high liquidity for the sins.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of POCKETCON below:

Website: https://www.pocketcon.io/en/

White Paper: https: //www.pocketcon.io/media/paper/pocketcon_whitepaper.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PocketConApp/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PocketconApp

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pocketcon/

Telegram: https: //t.me/pocketconico

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/PocketCon_io

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