PointPay is the development of all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem, which will provide the ultimate convenience for our customers in accessing all cryptocurrency related services within one platform. We plan to launch an extended version of PointPay Crypto Wallet, extended version of PointPay Crypto Exchange and a fully licensed PointPay Crypto Bank. Several companies announced their plans to implement similar vision, but none of them were able to fully execute on it so far.

A new direction in the crypto market: manage, save and grow your capital with PointPay. We are building a unique all-in-one solution for the global market. Information is power, with the right tools, you are indomitable. But gathering these information from various sources proved to be a time sapping and effort consuming task. A perfect solution would be to have an ecosystem which provides these tools to everyone ranging from investors to cryptocurrency experts or people who are newly venturing into the crypto world in one giant platform and this is where POINTPAY comes in.
⁶lPointPay have 4 years of experience in supporting the functioning of payment systems, including signing contracts, working with banks, working with other payment systems, paying out funds, and building complex payment schemes. PointPay are currently conducting a crowdfunding campaign through the sale of 500,000,000 PXP tokens in order to raise funds for the development of fully functional versions of the products.
In addition, PointPay has business contacts with more than 50 banks and 25 payment systems, as well as 20 lawyers dealing with license encryption problems. PointPay has 4 years of experience in supporting the functioning of payment systems, including signing contracts, working with banks, working with other payment systems, paying funds and building complex payment schemes. PointPay is currently conducting a crowdfunding campaign through the sale of 500,000,000 PXP tokens in order to raise funds for the development of fully functional versions of the products.

Advantages of PointPay Crypto Bank over

Customary Banking
Research by Deutsche Bank demonstrates that the quantity of money instalments worldwide is relentlessly declining, while the 4 levels of non-money instalments is always expanding – electronic cash is step by step supplanting paper cash, and nobody will probably stop this procedure: for instance, in the US, starting at 2015, just marginally over 20% of purchaser installments were made in real money, and in Sweden, as per 2016 information – under 10%: in this Scandinavian nation, the sign ”we don’t acknowledge money” has turned out to be ordinary. In any case, the advance does not stop: instalment cards are being supplanted 5 by versatile applications introduced in advanced cells, and great old fiat cash offers approach to cryptographic forms of money. The last is because of a mix of different elements, including the regular human want not to feel ”intently watched”, to protect at least somewhat the namelessness of their monetary exchanges: by right, it is an established right of each native, true the case is unique.

The bewildering development of the bitcoin swapping scale was one reason for the digital currency blast in 2017. Unexpectedly, it is a direct result of this that the offer of bitcoin in the absolute market capitalization has quickly diminished – from more than 80% in June 2016 to under 40% in December 2017: many new coins and tokens showed up, and some of them figured out how to win a spot under the sun.

This being stated, utilizing the equivalent bitcoin’s case an inquisitive actuality can be expressed: the quantity of exchanges with its utilization is always developing and in 2017 surpassed 100 million, and yet, this exceptionally noteworthy figure is still far behind the markers of fiat instalment frameworks (PayPal – around 6 billion exchanges, direct bank instalments just in Germany – in excess of 10 billion, VISA – 141 billion as per 2016).

This prompts the obvious end result: the cryptographic money market has an immense, practically endless potential for further development, and the task that will be the first to have the option to offer its clients a “turnkey” working framework that gives not just standard open doors run of the mill for the typical fiat Internet banking, yet additionally fundamentally growing their rundown, will absolutely be ”on the peak of the wave” and will premium potential financial specialists with a mix of prospects for getting significant pay in a generally brief time with the undeniable unwavering quality and toughness of its plan of action. This is affirmed, in addition to other things, by the measure of duties of those token deal extends that attempted to set themselves comparable 6 assignments: Cryptopay – 51 million dollars, Crypterium – 18 million, ChangeBank – 17.5. However, none of these activities is a cryptobank in the full feeling of the word: administrations, for example, storing and moving cash from one’s record to another, customarily given by the financial segment, have not yet been brought to the usage arrange.

Not far-removed is the minute when any cryptographic money resource will turn into an all-inclusive method for instalment, which will be capable to pay for anything – from some espresso to another condo. The individuals who bring this minute closer, as of now today acknowledging what others will just make of tomorrow, will without a doubt advantage.

The PointPay Team endeavors to be one stage in front of contenders and plans to make a bank of things to come, where common settlements of clients will be incredibly streamlined by wiping out bureaucratic and geological limitations that are inescapable for customary banks, just as limiting the time spent on exchanges of assets and commissions due to the nonattendance of the requirement for the upkeep of various financial workforce – all activities are completed by the client in a virtual individual record through his versatile or work area gadget.

Information on The PointPay Ecosystem

The following are the features of the PointPay platform:

Funds Allocation and Token Distribution
PointPay Token will be released based on the Ethereum platform and fully comply with the ERC20 standard. This will ensure security of the transactions, compatibility with the third-party services and will provide seamless and easy integration.

Soft cap:$1,000,000
Hard cap:$30,000,000
Symbol:PXP (PointPay token)
Total supply:500,000,000
Unsold tokens:to be destroyed
Retail price:1 PXP = $0.10

Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

For more information, please visit:

Website: https://pointpay.io/

Whitepaper: https://cdn.pointpay.io/WhitePaper__en.pdf?cache=1.4

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5146099

Telegram: https://t.me/pointpay_talks

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PointPay1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PointPayLtd

Medium: https://medium.com/@pointpay

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pointpay/about/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/PointPay

Github: https://github.com/pointpay-technologies/sc

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS-_VDX97myxM5yLPYezH-w


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