PointPay: Universal Blockchain-based banking platform for All Cryptocurrency Users

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The cryptocurrency world has reached a level where it cannot return. Crypto is a new solution to financial problems. Total dependence on becoming obsolete, people and organizations now use unlimited from blockchain technology. Just imagine the cryptocurrency industry can change the whole world in 20 years? Of course, he will be in full swing


Not a promising and extraordinary problem, industrial cryptocurrency is faced with a number of serious development problems, we don’t need it

The biggest problem that is the challenge of this industry is the problem of volatility which is an example rule
A big problem in this industry is the security of cryptocurrency funds. Some popes and cryptocurrency fans are victims of this situation which has caused millions of cryptocurrency.

We can all see the reason we are still very far from what the masses received on a global scale. Cryptocurrency Project Trying to provide Singer Solutions for reviews * Problems, but, challenges, we haven’t seen any significant changes.

Should we continue this path and wait to happen? In any case it is not necessary.

Solution: PointPay Platform

The good news for all of you today is the PointPay platform, which is designed to revolutionize the financial sector and cryptocurrency industry through a blockchain-based ecosystem.

PointPay finally found a solution for all cryptocurrency users through a platform with the help of nightmares. The solution also includes a Closed ecosystem consisting of three work products, such as PointPay cryptocurrency transfer, PointPay cryptobank, and PointPay multi currency wallet.

Then how do these three products transform the financial sector and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole?

PointPay Crypto Bank (PPCB)

Just like all of us, the cryptocurrency began to gain momentum in the financial aspects

As provided in paper currency, banks are responsible for several financial services offered to people. By the way, what are the advantages of cryptocurrency transactions compared to fiat transactions?

  1. Payments made using cryptocurrency have a higher speed than payments based on fiat payments
  2. Transcripts based on cryptocurrency are more transparent than transactions based on fiat payments.
  3. Cryptocurrency-based payments are cheaper and more affordable than fiat-based payments
  4. International cryptocurrency transactions are more efficient and faster
  5. Regarding payment using cryptography, it is different from the bureaucracy associated with conventional banking institutions.

However, because we all know the cryptocurrency industry is still in Awa

PointPay Cryptobank is a product designed to complement traditional banking operations and crypto currencies. This platform, according to the team, will be a member, connected, where crypto-banking services will be integrated available in paper currency.

Below are banking services that will be provided by PointPay Crypto bank;

  1. Cryptobank, which allows companies to accept cryptocurrency, as well as allocate cryptocurrency through a personal account
  2. With Cryptocurrency Mortgages, which allows users to buy their dream home through the Cryptocredit Mortgage
  3. Cryptocredit and cryptodebit debit cards that allow users to make payments using a card
  4. Use cryptocurrency to buy and sell shares directly through a smartphone
  5. Car loan
  6. Transactions and cryptocurrency translations worldwide
  7. P2P loans
  8. Spend services on the forex market
  9. The presence of a virtual crypto map
  10. Cellular banking cryptocurrency
  11. Banking and legal services

PointPay cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange PointPay is another product of the PointPay platform, which was developed after a thorough study of existing cryptocurrency exchanges and their shortcomings, as a result of which an exceptionally separate and convenient cryptocurrency exchange was proposed. This exchange platform was ideally designed to exceed the existing standard of leading stock exchanges in circulation.

Listed below are the properties of the exchange that will allow it to stand out among other leading exchange platforms;

  • Trade Tokens
  • Withdrawal of funds
  • Investments
  • 24/7 active support system
  • OTC trading
  • Reliable trading software for professionals
  • Primary Exchange Services
  • Trading using borrowed funds
  • Trollbox chat for traders
  • Voice ID to login and
  • Referral system.

Cryptocurrency exchange PointPay will process 350 transactions per second and must have a PXP token as its own platform token.

PointPay Wallet

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast and are used to several cryptocurrency wallets, then you probably know that to achieve the ideal platform for cryptocurrency users in managing their assets, cryptocurrency is still very far away.

Several people have become so unhappy because of the instability of the cryptocurrency wallet, which they manage their assets. However, PointPay platform not only developed a high-end secure cryptocurrency wallet, but also made the wallet multifunctional and supported several cryptocurrencies with an excellent user interface.

Listed below are some of the many PointPay wallet features;

  • Multicurrency Fiat and Cryptographic Accounts
  • Instant currency exchange for all users
  • Instant replenishment and removal of fiat and crypto
  • Virtual crypto portfolio function
  • P2P transfer enabled
  • Cold and hot wallets for encryption and
  • Payment ID

PointPay token details


Token Name: PointPay Token

Token Ticker: Pxp

Token Type: Based on ERC-20

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 PXP

The PXP token will serve as a platform’s own token with several use cases, such as; use for reward for referral, daily dividends for owners, the opportunity to participate in the NOU programs, withdrawal fees and a number of others




Obviously, the PointPay ecosystem is on its way to making cryptocurrency useful for all thanks to its products (PointPay wallet, PointPay cryptocurrency exchange and PointPay cryptobank), which will not only cause a positive revolution in the cryptocurrency industry, but also certainly also rest in mass adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide.

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