Pool of Stake – Pool for Proof of Stake Blockchains

Pool of Stake (PSK) is a pool of decentralized type, based on blocking technology. Thus, the owners of PoS coins have the opportunity to unite to launch Mining 2.0 and generate various daily bonuses. Consider what a new system is and what advantages it has.

Benefits of Pool Of Stake

The main advantages are as follows:

  • The system is absolutely safe, it is supported by popular investors.
  • Transparency of the system management mechanism.
  • The system is simple and understandable even for beginners – to understand how to conduct transactions, exchange cash bonuses, anyone can – even without the appropriate skills and abilities.
  • The project interacts with various stock exchanges. To date, it is not possible to cite specific legal norms, so it is better to wait for official announcements.
  • If you are not satisfied with the results of voting in the pool, you can make your choice. Suppose, it is possible to transfer coins into your own PoS purse for direct contact with the system. But in such a situation you will remain only with daily rewards.

What is a system token and how can it be purchased?

PSK – is a system service token. It is used to reduce the commission for the withdrawal of the premium received. IOU is a certificate that allows you to transfer your own token.

You can buy a token in two ways:

  • Through ICO.
  • With the help of exchanges.

The project team does not have the ability to move your personal tokens! To deal with loading and unloading tokens, using the token mechanism, you can do it yourself. So it is necessary to closely monitor your own purse, on which your funds are located.

PSK Features

Our study has recorded that virtually all users of the system will own different PoS coins. There are different voting processes for any of the PoS block chains. PSK is the guarantee of a single voting procedure, thanks to which users can cast their votes on different PoS block chains using the same mechanism.

As a rule, in order to vote, the user must have some number of coins. Since PSK participants have their own coins directed to the pool, they have the right to use the PSK dialing mechanism – to influence the process without removing their coins.

In other words, the PSK management model facilitates simultaneous voting and participation in the pool. And one more important point: the election procedures for the project participants become easier.

Thanks to an intelligent algorithm, a person can orient each participant of the system. Thus, it is possible to provide a high level of confidentiality, which gives a little idea of ​​the quality of the investments (as well as which tokens are more profitable).

The purchase must be made on the market, then the coin moves to the PSK structure. The structure considered by us analyzes the number of PSK tokens carried out at night, and calculates the premium. PSK is not worth spending, it’s better to just keep them.

Pay attention to the following important point: you can also use the PSK service and gratuitously collect your personal coins PoS. Is it necessary to quickly remove the generated bonus accrual? Then you have to pay a specific commission fee – it will be 10%. All the interest earned will go to the future development of the system we are considering. The time limit is 10 days from the moment the ICO closed.

Proof-of-Work: The way that miners check operations in a block by creating a mathematical option called a hash.

Pledge Evidence: The way that users perform blocking operations on the basis of the number of coins used in a given network (this refers to deposits).

Tasks of the project

The main objective of the existence of each of the above methods is as follows: in order to fulfill the general task of the blocker, it is to prove that the sender of bitcoin (or any other crypto currency) has the required amount of money on its own account. And after the completion of any such transaction, he (or she – depending on whether the user or the man is a user) no more coins on the personal account. This method will eliminate duplication of costs. It is worth noting that Pool of Stake is proud to present this newest way of collecting money.


So, today from our article you learned what the Pool Of Stake ICO is, and what features it has. We hope that the information was interesting and instructive for you!

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