Pool of Stake (PoS): ICO Review


Pool of Stake (PSK) is the first of its kind decentralized pool for proving a bet, the future blockchain. Qtum, BOScoin, Tezos and other PoS coin holders can join Pool of Stake and start Mining 2.0, creating daily rewards for forgery by simply breaking their PoS coins.Pool of Stake (PSK) is a unique self-regulatory platform for testing Stake locks.

PSK aims to increase the benefits for small investors who join the platform. With the help of Pool of Stake, miners can generate a reward for each day by simply placing their PoS coins on the card.

The platform will offer an analytics tool that will allow you to track, manage and optimize the user’s investment. PSK relies on a utility token that is compatible with ERC-20 PSK, and an IOU token that allows PSK users to gain full control over their installed coins.


Pool of pile is a method to put a new block within a blockchain base on the weight of the staked coin. The next validator of the new block is randomly determined by an algorithm, and the validator is rewarded with transaction fees, and in this case no new coins are generated.

Advantages of PoS over PoW

  1. Security: It’s safe compared to PoW
  2. It has a reduced risk of centralization
  3. It has energy efficient

Challenges faced by the pile detection, which pile to solve here:

  1. The node must be online around the clock to be able to mine what is impossible in the home environment.
  2. The weight of a single coin determines the likelihood of being a transaction examiner, which is a serious problem for small miners. The higher the stake, the higher the chance of being the next validator and being rewarded.

Solving the challenges

  1. PSK acts as a knot that allows small validators to band together, work together to create a much higher network weight, and collect more Forgings / Mining 2.0 rewards.
  2. PSK services allow pool members to put their coins with PSK and permanently generate a residual income for themselves with the Forgotten Rewards.

Pool of stake services

  • Give users the ability to check the state of the pool and the rewards they collect at all times, and to protect users’ privacy
  • The stake platform pool uses an intelligent database that allows them to check the total amount of coins held by the pool and the premiums generated as a whole to check the correctness of their individual premiums
  • Pool of Stake’s smart io database shows the performance of various PoS coins that allow the member to track the so rewarding coin.
  • The PSK platform will include a communication tool so that PSK members can communicate with each other, make suggestions to the community, and vote on important decisions.

How It Works

The Pool of stake is the final fate of blockchain, a decentralized pool system for proof of stake. BOscoin, Qtum, Tezos and various other proof of stake coin holders are welcomed to the pool of stake platform to begin mining.

The major aim of the pool of stake is to enable diggers who join the stake reap maximum benefits, irrespective of the size. As a result, the pool of stake uses the IOU token and the PSK utility token which gives PSK owners full control of their coin. Pool of stake users will be able to control, track and improve their interest in trustless manner.

Pool of stake is gradually gaining wide acceptance. Many people believe that with time, pool of stake will be the most preferred representative of the blockchain technology. Asides, with time, pool of stake will get set to make available the largest tool for proof of work.

Also, the benefit and value cryptocurrency has is the total decentralization. These will security of all funds as well as operations. We proceed to discuss some of the benefits of the Pool of Stake

Giving Personal Wallet

To give out the profit, the point of stake is arranged with an approximate split from 0 to 10%. There will be a personal wallet for every user to store their pool of stake points. Also, the system has a mechanism in place to examine the amount of tokens stored each time.

This will help to present the best rate for all efforts users put in the system. Also, users will have access to the Pool of sake coin wither from the exchange available on the platform or during the ICO.

Impressive Rewards

Like many other blockchain based platform, there will be daily rewards. Every evening, the tokens present on each user’s node will be examined. This will guide in generating the reward.

In calculating the rewards as well, every activities put in by the user will be analyzed. Whenever a user uses the PSK token to make or receive any transaction, the lowest charges are applicable.

The Pool of Stake Tokens: PSK and IOU Tokens

The tokens applicable on the platform are the PSK and the IOU tokens. PSK, a ERC 20 token, will give discount on every withdrawals. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the PSK tokens will be safely stored in the Ethereum wallet of user’s choice.

Delegated Proof of Stake

A key design difference is whether systems allow token holders to delegate their rights to other participants who can then stake tokens on behalf of smaller tokens holders. Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) was proposed as a solution to incentivize small token holders to continue to participate in the system.

As we discussed in the blog post on centralization, due to higher profit margins for big token holders, centralization on the blockchain may occur. To enable pooling within the protocol, in DPoS users are encouraged to delegate their tokens to bigger stake holders.

As a reward they get part of the staking reward from the protocol. An obvious characteristic of DPoS is that it centralizes control of the network as a few nodes now control most of the network. At the same time, this may be more convenient to token holders as they no longer have to decide on every single governance decision by delegating control.

PoW VERSUS PoS: Reward for the block against the bonus block

In the block-chain based on PoW, miners perform hard work and receive compensation. Remember Bitcoin and Etherium, where the new unit awards 12.5 bitokoyanov and 5 ethers. But there is one more thing, the transaction fee.

If you send me bitcoy, this transaction should be checked and documented in the block chain with the help of mathematical mathematics, which makes miners. But they do not do it for free, so you need to attach a commission for the transaction.

The next lucky guy making the next block gets all the transaction fees and the reward itself for the block, which is 12.5+ bitcoins.

In the PoS method, the block chain has no reward for the block. Only transactional fees.

Therefore, participants in the PoS flowchart should also be called validators, not miners. They only facilitate the verification of transactions without participation in mining activities, such as PoW.


PSK character
Bonus is available
Available Bounty
MVP / Prototype available
Accept ETH
Minimum investment 0.1 ETH
Soft cover 2 million euros
Hard cover 8 million euros
Country Switzerland
White list / KYC
Limited areas of the United States, China, Canada, Israel, South Korea, Vietnam.


06/02/2012: White paper and business plan.
03.2018: Formation of the company.
03/23/2018: press release.
07/20/2018: Start ico.
08/19/2018: the end of ico.
Q3-2018: Platform release.
Q4-2018: Platform release (dPOS).

Are ICOs better than venture capital?

There is still a conservative wave of thinking that reluctantly accepts ICO as venture capitalists (VC) as the main source of new business acquisition. These conservative thinkers argue that numerous factors, especially volatility, cause too much uncertainty over traditional VC financing.

In The Pool of Stake, we believe that these conservative thinkers are wrong and that ICO is the beginning of a financial revolution that gives developers and investors more freedom. In the next article, we compare the growth for each of these fund-raising methods, and then explain some of the advantages of getting cash from ICOs, rather than VC.

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