What is Pornx?
The two main sectors of the economy with the world of money are crypto crypto currency that combines the porn industry. (ERC 20)
I think I see a need for adults and high potential con projects. These pornx get codes or codes no matter whether other adults will surely see them in the future. Because no credit card does not want to appear in the report the amount spent on porn sites. Pornx with anonymous users to make payments. Make sure that the membership area is paid to receive more porn sites, but I think that people can not get due to various obstacles.
One such obstacle is the lack of privacy and privacy pay of course.Crypto this problem disappeared with money.
The second major obstacle is the risk if credit card information is hacked. No one will want to enter credit card information from pornographic sites.
Most scams and hackers in this trap are still known content sites.
Here he is trying to get ahead of this pornx con problem.
Briefly summarize the most important features for pornx required;
  • Provide anonymous payments
  • Have a reliable payment system
We also will not need to fill the forum for a long time to pay, it is enough to read the bar code in your mobile application.
Practicality increases the likelihood of users making a purchase.
Keep monitoring seems quite practical;
Some information about this sector
has 380 million users worldwide interested in porn. (Daily 380 million unique users and searches made around 1 billion porn – 6 most popular search engine results)
the number of pornographic industries in the world: it is 95 billion USD, the cryptopar industry is 700 billion USD, while the total market volume now.
Services that can be purchased with Pornx?
  • adult content sites, paid videos …
  • content that erotic video chat …
  • 18 content, video games online …
  • sexshop and payment.
Pornx how does it work?
X-Wall Wallet app is being prepared, this app will be apple and google play store is compatible and can be done by scanning the QR code through the application process. (Only pornx no currency in the X-Wall Wallet app is being developed as an application that will allow facility to pay with nearly 100 popular crypto currency Pornx X-Wall LTD is a registered trademark of the company.)
Pornx icon when started?
The bounty campaign was launched on January 22nd.
Pre-sale will be held on February 11, 2018 and the second will be held to sell the tokens on March 1, 2018.
The pre-sale price as follows 1 = 1500 ETH PORNX the amount is determined. Depending on the amount of your purchase you have a chance to win a bonus of up to 30%.
When Pornx to enter the stock market?
In the roadmap and white pages published on their website that they have made an initial agreement in April with two major stock exchanges.
Does it make sense to invest in Pornx?
50-100 times in the white pages they prepare them to write that they expect improvement within 1 year since the writing of this subject in the style of white pages that predict how much is rightly discussed.
They are in contact with some of the biggest brands in the sector and projects on their website they say they are being followed.
The following is an excerpt from the visual site.

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