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Here is a video of the new PowerLoan 2.0 UI, narrated by the CEO, Johan:


Hello!!! There are so many plans on the horizon for Powerloan, so let’s get started.

PowerLoan recently announced their listing on an external exchange. They are set to be listed on the Mercatox Exchange on June 20th, 2018. They had plans to be listed on 2 external exchanges, but will be listed on Coin Exchange at a later date. I will leave a link of the official Telegram message here: https://t.me/powerloan/197

The PowerLoan Desktop Staking Wallet will be available for download on June 1st, 2018. Withdrawals of BTC and POWL will be enabled on June 6th, 2018. Also, lending interest conversion to BTC will be enabled to June 16th, 2018, together with the opening of micro-loans.

This is excellent information as you will be able to download the desktop wallet on June 1st. Then withdraw your POWL Tokens on June 6th and begin staking for several days, before the micro-loans become active on June 16th. You will be able to increase the number of POWL Tokens by staking, then send those back to your dashboard and create micro-loans with even more POWL. The desktop wallet file for download will be found on their main webpage as soon as it becomes available on June 1st, 2018. The main webpage is: https://powerloan.io

Ok, now that I have shared the recent announcements, I want to share with you, on how to earn POWL Tokens for FREE. I will list the information below, but hurry, the ICO will soon be over and so will some of the opportunities to earn free POWL Tokens.

  1. Join the PowerLoan Bounty Program here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3241140.msg33756327#msg33756327 You perform various task using social media, sharing and spreading the word about PowerLoan. Each task offers a different amount of POWL Tokens each week. Visit the BitcoinTalk Thread on the specific information.
  2. This one is brand new. Visit gleam.io and perform various tasks each day/week and earn free POWL Tokens and merchandise. Here is the official Telegram post on this information and a link to the Gleam webpage. https://t.me/powerloan/196
  3. Sign up to PowerLoan, by creating an account, purchase a minimum of POWL Tokens. Then be placed in a lottery to win even more free POWL Tokens. Here is an official Telegram message on PowerLoan’s Lottery Round 7: https://t.me/powerloan/188
  4. Use your referral link to earn POWL Tokens when your referral purchases POWL Tokens in the ICO. You can also earn from the “Daily referral loan bonus” from each tier of micro-loans.

PowerLoan has many plans for the future of their project and aims to be an ownership reward token. The POWL Token will gradually reward owners/users thru Crypto, blockchain technology, and green energy projects funded by PowerLoan.

PowerLoan plans to use the POWL as a utility token for their green data-center servers. Here is one example of their short-term goals/plans:

“ The utility token would allow usage of VPS (Virtual Private Server) that token owners can use, sell or rent. This token itself would have a base value due to its utility, and will be airdropped to POWL token owners to create value, and sold in our own marketplace to non-POWL owners. Marketplace will allow token owners to rent out their VPS. There will be no ICO for this token. Airdrop is planned for August 2018.”

PowerLoan will not be in the “lending space” for very long and has plans to exit in about 2 years from now. They plan for the POWL Token to be a “highly demanded Ownership Reward token”. They plan to reward POWL Token holders thru dividends and airdrops of other tokens behind future projects.

To be able to achieve this, their plans are as follows:

  1. Continue to create new blockchain and renewable energy related projects under Powerloan.
  2. New tokens will be airdropped from other blockchain projects and it will help increase the value of the POWL Token. Various income streams from these projects will help to sustain the interest paid on micro-loans.
  3. They plan to execute a buy-back program, to purchase POWL Tokens every two months, of at least one million POWL per year. The buy-back program will create demand, reduce the number in circulation combined with their coin burn from POWL Tokens collected from internal exchange fees. With this strategy, PowerLoan plans to own more tokens and keep the price higher. Over time, there will be less tokens in circulation, with an end result of less micro-loans to be created, and less interest to be paid out over time.
  4. Once circulation of the POWL Token is drastically reduced, PowerLoan plans to stop new micro-loan creation in phases. After this, they plan to offer periodic rewards to replace potential loan interest lost by the owners/users. Lastly, they plan for “lending” to be completely phased out and Powerloan can finally become an “Ownership Reward Token”.
  5. Lastly, I will leave PowerLoan’s summary below:

Powerloan may begin as a lending platform, but it is a launchpad for many exciting and rewarding projects funded through loans given by POWL owners. Powerloan aims to be the biggest holder of our own token in the long run and will focus on building value to increase token price through new blockchain and renewable energy projects owned by Powerloan and its token owners — with the objective of becoming an Ownership Reward Token that is comparable to a high dividend stock.”

Ok, that is all I have for now on updates and future plans on this exciting blockchain project we know as PowerLoan.

For more information on this unique Crypto opportunity, please visit my previous Medium articles on PowerLoan:



For even more information on this unique Crypto opportunity, please visit the main webpage at: https://www.powerloan.io/. Read the White Paper: https://www.powerloan.io/document/powerloan-whitepaper.pdf. You can also visit their official Twitter Page:https://twitter.com/PowerLoanIO?lang=en and their official Telegram channel: https://t.me/powerloan and their Telegram discussions channel: https://t.me/powerloanchat.

If you are interested in purchasing in the ICO and becoming a member of PowerLoan, please use my referral link here, https://powerloan.io/?referral=S71P6H, and sign up today. Thank you.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a financial advisor or a Broker, I am simply spreading the word of this unique Crypto business offer. I have been given permission to use artwork, logos and verbiage from PowerLoan’s official webpage and white paper.



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