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POZESS is one of the markets that uses blockchain technology as security and convenience for all users including all traders who can also make photos or videos to sell various luxury goods and services. POZESS designs markets to connect with traders or buyers around the world with conditions that I will explain below. On this platform also formed a community called POS POZESS, this community is very useful for traders to sell luxury items sought by buyers from all over the world, but not only luxury items that will be provided by the POZESS market but also available goods items such as lifestyle products such as modern design clothing and others, I believe internet users, especially those who like to shop,

POZESS is a photo curated social market that instantly connects consumers with businesses and helps consumers find unique designs in fashion accessories, luxury items and lifestyle products curated by the user community. In POZESS, users get cryptocurrency prizes for social activities such as, posting pictures, liking, sharing, commenting, referring, and adding new businesses by simply making pictures of their products from their website.

MARKET – More than 3 billion people use social networking, and $ 4.88 trillion is projected to be spent on retail e-commerce worldwide in 2021. The clothing and clothing accessories market is expected to reach $ 713 billion by 2022. A widespread adoption from strong smartphones and high bandwidth internet to encourage the growth of sustainable and fast social media and e-commerce.

POZESS mission 

→ Help less-known businesses and viewers in an easy and cost-effective way

→ Help consumers find new and inspiring fashion and lifestyle products from around the world

→ Reducing or eliminating fraudulent transactions

→ Increase product visibility, give traders the same opportunity to get their products

→ Share the benefits and give participants a sense of ownership because they help build the network

→ Reduce complexity in the recording process and provide services to help businesses succeed

→ Provides a platform that is fun, interesting and entertaining

Solutions for Consumers.


There are various solutions for all consumers listed on the POZESS platform, consumers will get security and will also be guaranteed for convenience when using POZESS, the solution that I found is:

1. Install the Community

It has a community that is very supportive of all photos or videos taken from merchants using the internet and the community can invite all these traders to join until all these traders register and sell their merchandise using Pozess.

2. Timely Search

This solution will help all users to find and get the desired item, you will find the latest items in the form of fashion products and modern lifestyle products, the search for Real Time is only for community users.

3. Economic Development

Economic development in the world of cryptocurrency makes Pozess want to value all users registered as community users and affiliates who use crypto tokens, so you can still use crypto tokens for social activities and product curation.

4. Interactive Social Experience

Platform development that will be carried out by Pozess will make all users feel involved in the community that has been provided, the users above can also participate and can communicate with each other when network development is done by the platform. .

5. Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet.

You can buy promotional payments and main functionality simply by installing a universal crypto wallet application, in your wallet you have a facility called transparent so that it cannot be manipulated when payment has been made, additional security in this application has cloud backup and is encrypted.

6. Quality and Returns Guaranteed

Don’t worry if you make a purchase on this trusted network. This guaranteed quality has a smart contract technology that will perform automatically in completing transactions when sending products to buyers, if the product purchased is not on order then you can use the return facility and get your money back.

7. Customer Support & Message Delivery

The Pozess platform has support facilities for customers by sending messages, this support has 24/7 time. This support will be used to communicate with traders if you have questions or problems by sending instant messages or emails.

8. Product Management & Purchasing

All buyers can track their order to find out where their order arrived.

9. Language Support and Localization

To make international access that would require support and localization of global languages.

Administration and purchase within the framework of trading using our tokens. Our basic arrangement for 2019 is the increase in groups and items and the acquisition of clients. We have point-by-point guidelines to grow our client base to more than 8 million clients in the next five years.

Until now a commercial center was truly interested in networking on the grounds that the way it works was very basic, and Pozess used a commercial center by joining security utilizing blockchain innovations and this would create extraordinary security, comfort and candor, the Pozess Stage will develop rapidly given the fact that this stage does not have competition and only provides benefits to buyers and exchanges.



For more information:
Website:   https://pozess.io/
Whitepaper:   https://www.pozess.com/ico/uploads/PozessWhitePaper.pdf
Telegram:   https://t.me/joinPozess
Twitter:   https: // twitter.com/joinPozess
Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/joinPozess
Medium:   https://medium.com/@Pozess
Reddit:   https://www.reddit.com/user/PozessICO
Instagram:   https : / /www.instagram.com/joinPozess/
YouTube:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTHV8sL6yVskkObfPv3i5WA

Username: COB
Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1929500


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