PRIME X – Easy Digital Payment For The Future

Prime X inherits and develops the Blockchain technology platform, with work methods that speed up all transactions quickly, minimize risk, increase high security, and not involve third parties. PRIME X has a clearly transparent development roadmap. All versions that we make will be fully up to date where customers can secure in a personal wallet or trade seamlessly in world exchanges. Our trade uses Blockchain technology to ensure all investors enjoy a safe and secure process at our shared platform.

PrimexCoin is one of the new offers. Its sophisticated solutions are built on the most advanced technological capabilities of SegWit & Lightning Network to provide payment costs that are very fast, safe, and almost zero to anyone in the world. This was designed to deal with the inefficiencies that are well-known in government central banks and other crypto currencies. This induces transactions that are entirely safe, private and anonymous.

In this world there are two types of exchanges, one is a currency-based exchange,
and a truly pure exchange is crypto currency or commonly called cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency is a digital currency where transactions can be done online. Unlike
the printed paper currency, cryptocurrency is designed to solve mathematical
problems based on cryptography. Digital currencies are usually decentralized. That
is, in general it is far safer than the centralized nature. The value of cryptographicbased digital currency comes from its scarcity, and its creation process through
complicated mathematical solutions, unique encryption values, and its trust and
use also originates from the whole community.
The Crypto exchange will be greater and preferred by everyone in the world
compared to fiat-based currency exchanges in the near future. The era of
increasingly modern and world finance seems to require such a place of exchange
that strongly supports these two bases, namely Digital Currency Exchange and fiat
currency. PRIME X will build a good cyrpto exchange in the future, and move
crypto finance into the World. PRIME X also uses 2 pairs, namely digital currency
pairs (BTC, ETH and others) and also international / fiat currency pairs (USD, EUR,
IDR, CNY, etc.)


  • Poor security and technicalities
  • Poor exchange quality Professional traders and users are greatly affected by this
  • Bad Service Traders and users have different types of understanding, they don’t have the same mentality
  • Bad international language Blockchain has no restrictions, some projects only focus on one language and one country


To create a globally accessible alternative to modern banking, allowing you to save money safely, access it directly and transact with it anywhere, in any currency including crypto using Prime Coin, Create a digital wallet as a companion to banking card solutions, To deal with future crises that may occur in some countries allows you to exchange digital currencies with other countries’ currencies so that prices stabilize and help your economy become easier.


  • Creating a new ecosystem, where sellers and buyers can make transactions without third parties.
  • Increase high security, an exchange-based platform usually often hacked by irresponsible parties.
  • Trading fees are very small, this is usually a consideration among beginner traders, where they try to trade in cryptocurrency with a small nominal and minimize losses that can be obtained.
  • Significant exchange, Prime X is an exchange platform that includes two exchange places, namely in digital currency and Fiat, very easy for those who want to withdraw the balance / profit after trading in our exchange.







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