Prime X…Making Digital Payments And Exchange More Secured, Scalable And Transparent

Dear Readers… today’s article is going to be interesting, entertaining and knowledge driven and without iota of doubt, I believe that after reading this article, you will key into this project because its a project the global communities and all the sectors of the global economy have been patiently waiting for, due to its features, concept and ideas, as its going to proffer solutions to your mind-boggling questions that keeps resonating in your mind and demanding answers but you could not get answers all this while. Thanks to PRIME X, a blockchain based Digital Payment platform that offers a secure, scalable and transparent solutions to cryptocurrency holders globally.

The aim of this project is to become the next-generation cryptocurrency platform for fast and secure payments, as well as exchanges, fully utilizing the Blockchain technology, delivering propositions for new users of unparalleled value, and offering strong returns for investors. Ultimately, this project wish to drive the creation of a new financial ecosystem grounded in the interactions between assets and Blockchain technology

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PRIME-X PROJECT: Prime X is a combination of words from “Prime” and “Exchanges”, so Prime-X has the purpose of making an exchange (Exchange), and where we also make our own coin payments which will be used for trading costs and registration fees on our stock exchange. Prime X will also be used as a digital payment instrument. Our mission is to make Prime X Coin used for payments in several well-known companies, one of them in Indonesia.

Primexcoin  is specifically designed to provide services for all customers around the world, and the system’s operation is very well prepared for this platform, which is highly secure for the management of the ecosystem and control of the system interaction and for the management of all interactions with blockchain technology.

PrimexCoin has a complete control over the process, ecosystem and all private customers, thus ensuring that all customers can easily contribute to this platform.

With PrimexCoin we can provide better control over the financial product for future production.

PrimexCoin claims that it offers the best offer and the future, because in the financial system they increase the quality of the system and then they are working to grow better in the product quality and therefore increase the value of the products they work with. They’re working to grow the business plan to be better in the future.

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The Design of Prime X

The design of prime X is based on several protocols. The exchange implemented by the Prime X team is able to process 1,000,000 orders per second, making Prime X one of the fastest exchanges in the world. The main features of the exchange are as follows:

Spot Trading

Margin Trading


Instant Exchange

Free transaction costs

The following currencies will be supported: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Stellar, Ethereum, Litecoin and PXC (PrimeX Coin). Further coins will be listed, including ERC20 tokens. The exchange will be multi-lingual and will obviously support English, Indonesian, Chinese and Korean. Below is the exchange interface.


Coin Type (PXC)

Total POW Block 220,000

POW unit Reward 10 PXC

Time between reward 120 / Second

Minimum age of 1 day

The maximum age of the shares is 90 days

POS Annual Percentage 12%

To send a payment, you only need a smartphone and an internet connection. Transfer fee will be very small. But there is the possibility of setting in the wallet.

All transactions on Prime X will be visible, but it is impossible to know who the owner of the address is, that is, anonymous transactions.

Stages of sales:

The first stage of the ICO: allocated PXC 7.000.000 1PXC = $ 0.2

The second stage of the ICO: allocated PXC 5.000.000 1PXC = 0.5 $

The third stage of the ICO: allocated PXC 3.000.000 1PXC = $ 0.7

Distribution of funds:

60% – development costs – contributions allocated

development costs will be used to cover all associated costs

with the development of Prime X. Next will be upgrading and enhancing security for existing networks to launch a decentralized platform.

15% – operating expenses – contributions, allocated operating costs to cover expenses related to accounting, business development and other administrative tasks.

8% – marketing costs – contributions allocated for the promotion of the project Prime X.

7% – legal costs – contributions allocated for legal expenses in case something threatens the project.

10% – BuyBack – this program is believed to stabilize prices and may also increase the volume in other exchanges.



Q4 2018

Prime Coin and Exchanges Development

Making Whitepaper and Litepaper based on company

Website and Mobile App in progress

Q1 2019

Prime Coin development completed

Initial coin offering sale Prime Coin

Airdrop dan bounty program started

Q2 2019

Listing another exchange

Marketing Campaign

IOS and Android Wallet

New pair in Prime Exchange

Q3 2019

Blockchain & Trading Training


Partnership with other projects

Local exchanger in Asia, Europe

Q4 2019

Trading competition In PEX

Target Price $10

Production in Exchange

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