PrimexCoin is the only blockchain-based cryptocurrency of its kind designed for fast, secure and almost zero payment of costs for everyone in the world. It is designed to overcome the well-known inefficiencies in state central banks and other cryptocurrencies. PrimexCoin  will build good crypto exchanges in the future and promote cryptocurrency all over the world. Prime X also uses two directions, namely digital currency pairs BTC, ETH and others, as well as international currency pairs, Fiat, USD, EUR, IDR, CNY and others.

We believe that everyone should be able to initiate transactions that are completely safe, private and anonymous. For this reason, PrimexCoin contains proven innovations that other coins could not develop and implement. Exchanger, financial systems, Lightning network and cloud mining are here for you. Join PrimexCoin now!


Prime X is a combination of words from Primeand Exchange, so  Prime X  has a goal to make an exchange place where they will pay out their own coins, which will be used for trading and payment of fees and registration fees in the Prime X exchanger. Coin Prime X will alsobe used as a digital payment instrument. Prime X’s  missionis to make a coin that will be used to pay to several well-known companies, one of which is located in Indonesia. Prime X  also used a blockchainbase with the X11 (Masternode)algorithm, so Prime X coins can be minimized and used for long-term investments. If you are a PXC holder,  then you will receive daily rewards, a good offer, right? PrimexCoin opens up new horizons of opportunities that were not previously provided by any financial system. PrimexCointechnological innovations provide improved scalability, manufacturability and transparency, as well as confidentiality and security. PrimexCoin  coins, called PRIMEX coins, with 200,000,000 PXC in stock, will never be upgraded, PXC uses a blockchain platform with  X11 mining algorithms with POS and Masternode mining . PXC The coin is also used for digital payment devices, this coin has a high level of security, and also uses a wallet and a private server.
Coin type Abbrevia4on (PXC) 
Total POW Block 220000 
POW block Reward 10 PXC 
Time between reward 120 / Second 
Minimum age limit 1 day 
Maximum age of shares 90 day 
POS Annual Percentage 12% 
PXC coins total delivery: 200,000,000 PXC 
Platform: Blockchain with algorithm X11 
Extraction: PoS & Masternode 
First stage Iko: PXC 7.000.000 allocated 1PXC = $ 0.2 
Second stage Iko: PXC 5.000.000 allocated 1PXC = 0.5 $ 
Third stage Iko: PXC 3,000.000 allocated 1PXC = 0.7 $
Equal to equal means that PrimexCoin  works without a central server. The storage server is decentralized and distributed, divided into different servers that manage each user connected to the network. You can get more detailed information from the  technical documentation of the  project, as well as ask questions in the  telegrams chat  , but if you are a “bounty hunter,” I invite you to join the  company’s bounty  whose manager is  kopisusu  and earn some promising tokens for support project, KYC is not required ( 1.500.000 PXC is allocated to the bounty company  ) . Bounteists, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that payment will take place in your personal account on the PrimexCoin  website , you also need a post confirmation and a mandatory entry into the group’s telegrams. Below you can find links to social networks of the project, where you can also find a lot of useful and necessary information. Join us, ask questions, the team is always in touch and responds promptly, all profit 🤗
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