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Let’s analyze the Prime X project today. This is a lightning-fast, anonymous, secure and practically free exchange of crypto assets BTC, ETH. and others, and international currency pairs such as the US dollar, euro, IDR, CNY and others. The development team was able to achieve what other similar exchanges do not have. Prime X includes several features. It is an exchanger and financial system and Lightning Network and Cloud Mining. 

Prime X is an exchange that is secure, scalable, transparent, confidential and adaptable. According to the developers, their exchange is able to read more than 1,000,000 orders, which makes the exchange one of the fastest. It will have its own PXC coin, where you can trade, pay duties and having on balance, receive daily rewards.


Prime X uses the blockchain with the X-11 algorithm, which makes it one of the safest and most encrypted. X11 is the name of the chained proof work algorithm (PoW). X11 is a widely used hashing algorithm created by developer Evan Duffield. 
A total of 200 million PXC will be created. 


blockchain with X11, PoW, PoS & Masternode. 
Coin type (PXC) 
Total POW Block 220000 
POW block Reward 10 PXC 
Time between reward 120 / Second 
Minimum age limit 1 day 
Maximum share age 90 day 
POS Annual Percentage 12% 

To send a payment, you only need a smartphone and an internet connection. Transfer fee will be very small. But there is the possibility of setting in the wallet.
All transactions on Prime X will be visible, but it is impossible to know who the owner of the address is, that is, anonymous transactions. 

Sales stages: 

first stage ICO: allocated PXC 7.000.000 1PXC = 0,2 $ 
second stage ICO: allocated PXC 5.000.000 1PXC = 0,5 $ 
third stage ICO: allocated PXC 3.000.000 1PXC = 0,7 $ 



Use of funds: 
60% – development costs – contributions, allocated 
development costs will be used to cover all 
development costs associated with Prime X. Next will be upgrading and enhancing security for existing networks to launch a decentralized platform. 
15% – operating expenses – contributions, allocated operating costs to cover expenses related to accounting, business development and other administrative tasks. 
8% – marketing costs – contributions allocated for the promotion of the project Prime X.

To promote the project launched bounty company. 1,500,000 PXC are allocated for this. If you want to earn prospective tokens, you can take part. To participate you must register on the site. KYS is not required. To authenticate, you need to write a post to confirm the ownership of your account. In total, you can take part in 9 companies. Manages the company manager kopisusu. 

Link to the bounty company will be below. 

7% – legal costs – contributions allocated for legal expenses in case something threatens the project. 
10% – BuyBack – this program is believed to stabilize prices and may also increase the volume in other exchanges. 

Angga Andrean, CEO and Developer 
Maulana Malik, Technical Director
Bayu Rheza, founder and business analysis 
Mahardika Ardi Pradana, community manager 
Bharat Singh, advisor 
Lalit Bansal, advisor



The roadmap shows the plans of developers until the end of 2019:



If you need more information about the project and the team, you can follow the links below:

Technical white paper:
Ann’s theme:
Bounty theme: https: / /


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