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With the development of cryptocurrency, numerous exchanges have come up. Crypto-to-crypto exchanges only acknowledges trading among them cryptocurrencies, while fiat-to-crypto exchanges permits trades to be to be done between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, (for example, JPY, USD, and GBP).Some of the exchanges are faster, secure, and reliable while others are moderate and insecure. Please enable me to take you through ProBit, one of the best exchanges we are currently having. I will compare ProBit and other exchanges, for example, Binance, Bitfinex, and HitBTC with the goal that you can make your very own decision on which exchange you can use.

To begin with, ProBit is one of the coin-to-coin (C2C) exchanges that provide world-class trading. The exchange offers strong and faster trading experience to every one of its users.


Ease of Use

Probit is genuinely easy to use and it is suitable for all levels of traders. It isn’t like Bitfinex which is only suitable for proficient traders.

ProBit offers crypto-to-crypto exchange and this enables it to have a simpler platform that the users can use effortlessly. Being a Crypto-to-crypto trading only, users think that its easy to navigate. Contrasting it and Bitfinex where it offers a crypto-to-crypto exchange and additionally a fiat-to-crypto exchange, the users of ProBit can be able to execute faster as the management dependably strives to improve the crypto-to-crypto exchange area as compared to Bitfinex which its management must strive to enhance the two exchanges. The platform processing limit is one of the universes fastest as it processes over 1,500,000 order coordinating per second. The platform likewise offers an advanced trading view for its customers as compared to other platforms that offer a range of complex trading choices that makes their customers experience difficulties while trading.

In explanation of the above image, ProBit distinguishes itself from other exchanges as it provides its services in major financial markets where other exchanges have not reached. The exchange provides over fifty digital currencies that are already listed while it presented over 20 currencies in its exchange from its first day in operation.


Contrasting Bitfinex and ProBix, ProBit has no any attempts of hack as compared to Bitfinex which had one of the biggest hacking in the history of crypto where 120,000 bitcoins were lost in the year 2016. This took them over 8 months to pay their customers.

To this far, ProBit has been one of the secure exchange that has not experienced any hack or security breach. Its assets are stored on a chilly storage (over 95%), software-based 2FA support and FIDO U2F hardware security key. This guarantees its superiority in security. ProBit uses universal second factor (U2F) and 2-factor authentication for the interested users.

Customer Support

Both ProBit and Bitfinex have one of the best customer supports, beginning from the trading inquiries and FAQs to speaking with a customer service representative through the support ticket potals.. ProBit customer support is well advanced and they take no time to reply on the customers queries through email, online life and other platforms. This has been enabled by their enhanced value for their customers. When there is a high volume of queries or trade volumes, the customer services support dependably promises to follow up on the issues and this is eventually done.

ProBit seems to be an undeniable choice when it comes to trading. This is because of its easy to use platform, its enhanced security and its welcoming customer care support. With the use of the APIs, the platform is secure as these infrastructures are essential for the crypto ecosystem. For the investors, I would encourage you to visit their websites below, especially, and experience world-class trading.

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